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    Thanks Diane! I will go this friday and see if I can find it. And thanks BOY. If it wasnt for my dh, I dont think I really would want to and in fact was resigned to the fact that I didnt want to ttc. Im bound to carry another full term as long as Im not to old..LOL Dh said he didnt care if I was 50 when I get pg..LMAO..I dont want to have a baby that late in life….



    sunflower what were your symptoms I have burning down there almost like a razor burn feeling and alot of thick discharge. sorry if tmi just confused as to why I have one and embarrassed



    TBT, if you’re old, I’m a dinosaur!



    Congrats Heather! You should def take another test. Get a good one. Am sure it will confirm it!



    wannabe- i so feel the same way for ryan reynolds



    Lol – lorry is a haulage truck – ‘red lorry yellow lorry’ repeat that fast for a tongue twister.



    I have a lot of cramping like AF would be coming but she isn’t due till thrusday. I never have cramps till I start AF


    Ive been using the pillow under my butt for an hour each time after we BD. And then I only get up once to potty and then go straight to bed. i try to keep it in there as long as possible.



    congratulations!!! that is fantastic news!!!!!!! Shake that tree now!! NOW!!! xx



    LK Dream Not sure I am that lucky, as it is supposed to be summer now, but we are still wearing winter clothes?! LOL



    danah – i posted my chart, it’s crazy.


    Here’s how my day went after by BFN today: I went to return a swing that I got for Mothers Day because it had mold on it from the cushion it came with. After 5 employees hovered over my swing outside making me feel like a liar. They told me that i could not return it. I went ahead and threw the whole swing out of the truck onto the ground and told them to keep their piece of crap. After that they gave me my money back. So either I’m really pregnant and have mad hormones or that BFN made me really angry. Lol.


    sooo strange



    @ Smashley go and get a blood test done by your doc, last time your pregnancy didn’t show up on hpt, keeping my fingers crossed for you hun hope you get good news.


    boyoboy – here is what I read about OPK’s detecting an early pregnancy – the answer is POSSIBLY yes! OPK’s test for LH hormone, HPT’s test for HCG. LH and HCG are nearly identical in their biological identities. OPKs are intended to detect LH. Since LH and HCG are nearly identical, OPKs will also detect HCG. The reverse is not true for HPTs. Home pregnancy tests will only detect HCG. So in theory, yes, and OPK could detect pregnancy.

Viewing 15 posts - 8,116 through 8,130 (of 131,346 total)

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