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    Klaras, LH is a funny hormone – it’s supposed to just hike up for the ovulation surge, but sometimes it rises at other times in the month to positive or very close to it. Nothing to worry about – just means the BD marathon will last longer this month! lol



    @ aingeal I’m sorry to hear you had a loss? May I ask what your meds were for? If you’d rather not say, totally fine, sorry for asking….just curious if it was cold and flu meds/antibiotics or something different. As my doc has reassured me I’m fine to take them until implantation occurs and really until placenta feeds the foetus. But I would be curious to find out if it was over the counter medications? Please ignore my question if too personal, it is not my intention to pry! X



    A week late and a positive on a dollar test, I’d say BFP indeed! Congrats 🙂



    hi ladies I haven’t posted here since I decided to start ttc in august because I didn’t get any feedback and felt very lonely so instead I’ve just been using this site to write blog/journal posts for myself to remember this time of ttc and eventually pregnancy. but I decided to come back to the forum and post and reintroduce myself a little. i’m a sahm to 3 children of my own ages 1, 4, and 5. 2 boys and 1 girl as well as my niece and nephew ages 10 and 13. I had a mirena put in after the birth of my 1 yr old and had it removed in august. I didn’t have af while it was in and it just returned in mid-oct. I still don’t have an idea about my cycle length so for now i’m just using the average length which makes me in the 2ww. sending sticky baby dust to everyone trying and I hope you will send me some too. 🙂



    good luck Tinks – fingers crossed for your BFP this month



    yeah I have 32 cycle. Now is it true also that sperm can live inside you too for about 1 to 8 days?
    Some has told me that


    Jory927 – I wish you lots of luck!! 🙂


    I am testing tomorrow. AF is due tomorrow. I am so anxious!! Congrats to all the BFP’s and i hope everyone gets their BFP that is anxiously waiting!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS LADIES!!



    Another positive OPK for me today. I love these smiley Digital OPK’s!! No confusion about whether the lines are dark enough or not. I’m a little nervous about falling pregnant since my miscarriage but we’ll never have baby #2 if we don’t try.



    MOMIIB- im surprised they didn’t start you on progesterone…also, do you know if you O’ing? If you don’t know, I know a lot of women have been successful using clomid. Keep us posted.



    Garcia-Im not sure because my cycle s weird in the past six months its been anywhere frm 33 to 40 days, and I tested today at CD 31 and and negative, but my OPK showed a dark line so I guess I’m O’ing today! Good luck tomorrow and let us know the results!



    Hi ladies, can coffee affect sperm, my fianc’e drinks ice coffees daily and normal coffee around 4 or so a day…



    It was PCOS before. My hormones were that of a menopausal woman! But my doc said that for some reason sometimes after a pregnancy everything can straighten itself out. They ran the blood tests over again and everything looked good! But you’re right, it’s probably back. I hope it isn’t! To the doctors I go…



    Congrats to the BFP’s! Hopefully we’ll all be getting ours soon! 9 DPO and resisting testing today, as I went a lil’ POAS happy yesterday and the day before lol. Seeg–On FF you can search the chart gallery specifying pregnant and a bunch of other conditions too!


    Participant this seems to be an interesting website in relation to hormone levels through a cycle

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