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    Im going to relsax from ttc for a while i will kerp checking in occassionally n will be back if i ever get a successful bfp good luck ladies n hope u will all be in your weeklies when i return xxxx



    Kayce, how many dpo are you? And thanks 🙂 I hope I get some + blood work. Celest haha thanks love, its alright I closed my eyes! Haha that’s what im hoping for, that im just one of those girls who don’t get a hpt til later one as it is ill be nearly 6 weeks if im pregnant. . I got a job today 🙂 so a new job and a bfp in the same week will be great, it’ll take my mind off loosing our pup on friday.



    lovinlivin Yup chase that man with the turky baster and tell him to fill it up now 😉 he said I’m fired if I come anywhere near him with that thing LOL I told him he was a chicken lol Yes it would be fun and awesome if we move at the same time


    @ stefanier good luck 🙂 what kind of OPK are you using? Also is the afternoon the best time to check?



    seeg I would say to wait and have one normal cycle before you try. Let your body heal and build up your lining so baby has a nice and lush place to snuggle in. My heart goes out to you and I know how you feel in wanting to try again. I felt the same way but Dr wanted me to do the same and now I’m over 5wk



    Just taken another OPK and it’s a faint positive. I had a negative HPT this morning (CD 25) but a really positive OPK on wednesday (CD23) so think I have O’d really late. What do you gals think?



    Welcome back ladies♥…terriann20- Sorry your sick:( Your cervix is tilted, so your uterus probably is too then. My uterus is SEVERELY tilted as in almost completely horizontal and towards my back, I heard them say before that is why my cervix is so far up and back too. It wont affect TTC though, just can be an issue with delivery…Skipped on BD last night, which sucks because I think I O’d yesterday. Figures the OPK’s werent in yesterdays mail, tracking shows today.



    Nancy- CONGRATS!~!
    LC sorry about your chemical 🙁 AND
    symptoms can never come too early…I’ve taken tests for over a week before getting BFP with all the common symptoms, yes constipation is a symptom (although usually farther along, but everyone is totally different!!)



    Hey all,thanx for constantly keeping me really means a lot 🙂 I will definately keep u guys updated once I visit the doc next thursday.I am still waiting for AF to show up although there’s no signs of her arriving,the sore BB’s only lasted like 2 to 3 days and now they feel kinda normal but cervix is still high and CM consistency still changes throughout the day.. Hope yall get beautiful BFP’s sooon.. Have a blessed week 🙂


    If I am truly pregnant that means I would be due a few days after my birthday! A perfect birthday present!



    I am so sorry seeg


    Welcome hunbaybay! 3DPO seems a little soon for me to be experiencing symtoms, but then again everyone is different!



    lil pigz i cant seem to add u as my friend???? u sent me a request but it wont work sorry hun



    what CD is best to test for pregnancy?



    I think day 5 will bring u a solid face 🙂 just a gut feeling! I have slightly tender boobies tonight. Nothing hectic but just a little. Cramping in my belly on both sides and under my belly button.. I am very bloaated so maybe its just unwanted gas? :-/ I do not wanna symptom spot but every twinge, nudge, ache or anything makes me go ahh I’m pregnant!

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