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    Member oldest I conceived at age 16 during a 1 night stand (at a New Years Eve party). It wasnt til my husband and I tried to conceive my youngest that we found out I had PCOS. Tried to get pregnant for a year with no luck. Jan 2009 I lost my dad and started college, feb 2009 I lost my job and March 2009 I had surgery to have wisdom teeth removed. Between my PCOS diagnosis and all the stress we quit trying to have a child. April 2009 I found out I was pregnant..and in Dec she was born. talk about the worst possible timing! So it woudl only figure if this one sticks and I get pregnant. I just dnt knwo how I will feel about it…



    shellyb I know the msg wasn’t for me but pleeeeeease don’t test! It’s waaaaaaaay too early to get an acurate result!!!



    @terriann20 min did the same late on the 10th around 9:30 pmI got my happy face (opk happy face yes your are having your LH surge no face you aren’t) and no face at 6am on the 11th then on the 12, 13 & 14 happy faces then the 15 nothing So I was hoping with all the bding we got pg but now I’m not having any signs of pg. my af should be here on the 1st. So I hope you and I get our BFP this month.



    HAPPY early HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! :0)



    Ok ladies I just have to share this with someone and don’t want to share with anyone close to us. It might be too much TMI but if you want an OMG, IMAO, OMG that is gross ect well I told my honey that I was going to start bbt and went over the site with him that I’m using and all the steps you should be doing on top of taking your temp and how to and what to look for. I mad a comment on well I can do the temp every morning and check CM but I can’t check my Cervical position or changes with my long nails. That I really didn’t want to unless he or the Dr felt that I should . He knows I like my natural long nails and he likes them too. So later that day when we talked again he is what my honey says. Hey babe I read more on that site and others on how to check your cervix. I can do it for you every morning before I go to work when I’m back home. That way we can have all the results and if later the Dr needs to know we will have the info. I will be gentle I promise. Honey I will do anything for you and us to have our little one. At that very moment I wanted to laugh, cry of joy, fly to him to give him a big hug and kiss him all over the face but i know at that moment I fell in love with him all over again. But all I sad to him while crying was oh honey I love you and you are so special and kind that you would even think to offer. He said babe all I have been able to do is watch you get up every morning do your test then anther one in afternoon now take you temp check you CM and buy you test, hold you when you cry and bd when we need to. I’m willing to help in anyway so we can have our baby. Plus you are my woman. I just love my man and no he doesn’t need to do that. We can just leave that info out.



    do you think you may be coming down with something? just thinking that may be the reason for you being unwell and the temps? Or maybe you are pregnant and it just isnt showing yet. Did you take more than one test? i was hoping one was faulty!!! wishful thinking i know



    Thanks Terriann20!



    Hi ladies – I have a question. I can’t tell yet whether I am experiencing implantation bleeding or whther it is an early AF. I was planning on starting some soy this cycle, but I’m not sure wether to start or not. On one hand, if this is AF, I don’t want to miss my window. On the other hand, if this is implantation bleeding, would it be harmful to be taking the soy? I’ve been spotting since Sat, but I haven’t had to wear more than one liner/pad per day.



    Well, problem is that I didn’t track last AF. I only know I was on it on the 5th. I do believe I started somewhere between the 2nd and 4th. I just remember the 5th because AF was really really heavy and I ran out of supplies so I had to go out and gt some more lol. Today (from the 5th) marks CD 25…or 26 if you count the 5th also. So as of about right now, I’d say AF is late or will be in the next day or so. I KNOW I’m PG. I have multi symptoms and my bbs are so sore. i even had liquid expelled out of one on Monday. N2M my last 2 or 3 (or 4) periods I always knew it was coming because I’d cramp all over days before EAF. cramping this time around, but not AF cramps and they’re random and nothing like the usual. I want to test today if I can, just have to try to get to town to get one =)



    Night tabs.. I can’t wait to go to bed 🙁



    Iwantagirl dont count that test huni good evaps can show im afraid even if they appear to have colour. Try a reliable test in a couple of days xx



    @ loopylou24 -> I tested once already a few days ago and BFN. However since I am not reg at all I will be testing again on 21st. When we started bding I looked at the O calendar and did it from cd28 – 40. So we bd from cd10-24 to cover all the fertility windows lol. So the latest date to test for cd 40 is mar21. I will not test again before as I don’t like seeing BFN. thanks for the fx.



    Loveyoubaby – not too sure why ovulation moves around, but it does – I know mine does, dramatically at times. I am mainly feeling nauseous in the evenings after I have eaten, but if I nibble on something I feel fine again but then it comes back. Will be interesting to see if it does again tonight



    damn nerdy that would have been so dissappointing sorry. yeah the 25th would be the start then. oh lc lets hope the temps stay high. 🙂 *****baby dust to you*****



    Just came back from Dr office for my ultrasound. The tech couldn’t find baby but said I’m really too early that they usually do them 6wks and older. So worried but there is nothing I can do. She said she thought maybe dr wanted to make sure lining was good to carry baby. I’m waiting for the Dr to call.

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