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    heh heh Lil 😉 I’m doing pretty good – had to take a TTC break for a while to get some stuff sorted with my thyroid (all seems to be going well with that now) and after tomorrow when I am confirmed as NOT having lupus or rheumatoid arthritis by another specialist, I will be full on back to TTC!



    If it was there within the time frame on the packet then you, my lovely, are a booze free zone hahaha congrats!!! Hubby will just have to celebrate that he’s man enough to get you knocked up lol



    coco i know what you mean! i love being nosy and reading peoples blogs about how their cycles are, the symptoms they feel, and then their bfp! i was reading a few the other day and the symptoms were exactly what im experiencing now and its giving me hope!


    It wouldn’t hurt testing if at least to put your mind at ease, but wouldn’t the shedding of the uterus lining rid any possible implantation?



    so, trying NOT to get too far ahead of myself, but I can’t help but be very excited right now. I am a true realist at heart and will not say I have a symptom if I am not 100% sure that I have that symptom…I am 8dpo and not only are my bb’s sore but I am exhausted…I want to go and have a nap and I NEVER want to have a nap. Last time I felt tired like this was the last time I was pregnant. My back has been sore for the last few days now, which I’m not terribly convinced means anything and I am starting to get achy cramps, which again could be AF ready to pay me a visit except that I am not due to get her for another week. I don’t want to be excited yet but I just can’t help myself.



    Hey ladies cd 43 here and neg pg test. Just want af to hurry up and get here so i can try again.



    Shay-this hasn’t happened to me but I have read many women experience symptoms for a while and then they vanish and might come back…not to worry though as long as there is no painful cramping with red blood.


    Sigh! I bought an ovulation kit. And I know I had my period sept 14! I get it every 28 days. My calendar shows sept 25-28 to be my fertile days! But since Tuesday-today the stick says that I’m not ovulation! Am I missing something here?



    a few nights ago I had a little bit of blood and now there is none. I was supposed to be visited by AF like only 2 days ago but still!!! This has never happened.


    O How Funny Toshiko. how Long Will You Be In Town?



    Ha the pull out method is bad news for people not trying. Some men release a small amoutn of semen before they really feel the need to pull out. Had a girlfriend become preeggo this way



    NixSa : I like the FB groups for mommies on this site once you’ve conceived and have other mommies from this site in the group cause its easier on mobile…. And when it was done before it wasn’t for other girls only the mommies from the site 🙂 I just hate that this site isn’t as active as it used to be 🙁



    wellllll af is doing quite well this month! after being 6 days late, she really isnt coming full force! its strange, but quite nice! usually its like a dam burst ha ha . but i have hardly seen any blood, and no cramps! yay! man im so anxious….i figured this month WILL BE my month! i am fertile around 12/12 which is my sons 1st bday. i can test on christmas, hopefully get a BFP, and i will be due on sep 3, which is my bday! sooo too many positive signs for me to ignore! this has to be it! im waiting for af to leave to get my smiley opks 🙂 ha ha. and then, its ON!



    Felisha: good willpower! With my first, I was late for af while on vacation, so I couldn’t test until I got back. I had the vomiting, nausea, constant peeing, and my breasts killed me with the shower water hitting me! Very strong symptoms, but I still didn’t know, since I was young and naive. With my second, the tender breasts were a giveaway. With the rest, no real symptoms at all, just no show af. Good luck!



    WOW! I just went back and reread that and it sounded a bit harsh, didn’t mean to leave the rest out, or sound as if they were not deserved!! EEKK! My apologies!!! CONGRATS ON THE BFPS!

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