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    anyone else finding the site slow today? Messages seem to take for ever to send, especially any messages you are sending from your profile page to others!



    Thanks to all of you that welcomed me! Baby dust to everyone!!! :o)

    So, even though this is my second, i’m kind of new to ‘trying’. Last time we were more like not ‘trying’ but not ‘not trying’ lol and it happened. Is it best to try every night or every other night or what? Is there such thing as trying too often? I know it’s best to find out when you’re ovulating and try then but we just started trying earlier this month so we’ve just been kind of trying every night :o)



    amc i use opks & this month got a pos so it really helped me track my O date better…im cd 20 so if i hadnt of used them im sure i wouldve given up the bd by now or made sure i done it loads last week rather than this……i would defo recommend them, they are very expensive from normal stores though, i got mine from ebay where there is much better value for money….theyre jst internet strips & the brand i used is ‘one step’ iv also heard that the brand ‘wondfo’ is good



    Good luck on your new journey to conception kelly g!



    well im gonna go lay down with my dd i don’t get this very often cause of work and remodeling the new house i bought and didn’t even move into yet so im going to nap!!! lol i hope to chat with you all later!



    Hi ladies. I think I’m out this cycle. CD23 out of a 24-25 day cycle….2 days of false positives (very faint lines) but I just did my bloods and NEGATIVE! So…here’s to month 20!!!! Should be healthier for me and the baby anyway….since I ovulated on the day of my HSG test….and they use radioactive dye! Hope you all get your BFPs very soon!



    hey janet, you go girl!! into that first 2ww huh? good for you. I’ll be cheering you on. :oD



    Crazymomma – i first joined in July 2008 when I was pg with Josh. After I had Josh another member started sending messages privately (I’d also made friends on fb) but these weren’t nice messages.. So I deleted my profile and reopened a new one under a new name and blocked the said person on FB. I was upset to lose all my blogs etc off my original profile but it had to be done! I’m TTCing for #3 x






    I think you have to do that, I have gone back to change my CM levels to see whether it predicted my ovulation as I see it, not the system, but I’m still new to FF charting, and have no other cycles to compare with yet.. After all it is only a prediction, we don’t all fall into the predicted pattern, as many of you will testify to I’m sure!


    cya later ava



    it’s been a few hours since and no more blood..



    Diane: I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for you !!!!


    iraqimom..I was on this site when I was pregnant with my son . His due date was May 22 and was born May 18th. Just out of curiosity you you have the same screen name as when you were pregnant?? I think we may have been pregnant together last time . My name screen was havinababyinmay..???? Just thought I would ask



    When you’re tracking, and sure of ovulation and BD on time, you can bump your chances up more than the 15 – 25%. fertility friend will estimate your chances of pregnancy as you get closer to AF date. It can get you pretty worked up when you get to the date AF is due and you see FF telling you there is an 80% chance you’re pregnant.

Viewing 15 posts - 83,911 through 83,925 (of 131,346 total)

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