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    anna – I did test 2 days ago as I couldn’t stop myself.. it’s a compulsion!! Of course it was BFN! But I didn’t care, it just felt good to poas! However I resisted yesterday and this morning.. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hold off tomorrow! @MrsBugs – I’ve never checked my cervix, and not really sure where to start lol! The 2WW is horrendous cause every little thing sets your mind going again! Arghhhh!


    congrats mommy 21!!! YAY!


    jessiemama ~~ lol, well the 2ww does drive us crazy. I kinda think its not my cycle. Im thinking more towards it was just a bad batch cause two out of the three had the faint line and i bought a new box all neg!!!! so idk ugh im gonna make an apt after this period it will be 6 months and my doc told me if i still have some pain during BD’ing and havne’t gotten preggers by now to come back so ill see what happens.



    OMG Maureen! I’m glad you’re both ok! I’m sure any traveling egg is fine as well – did your seat belt bruise your mid-section at all? Just relax and try not strain too much.



    Bfn today, almost positive its too early as AF is due 10/15. Gonna test on 10/12 hoping for good results!



    Diane!! YAY!!!!! ME TOO!!! CYCLE BUDDIES WE WILL BE!!!


    hi ladies! i have a big question i hope you can help me with. about a week ago i took a HPT and i came up with a BFP. i’m not due to get my period til the 17th of this month but ive been having major heartburn and my BB’s are killing me i cant even sleep on my stomach. now after i got the BFP i doubted the test cuz it was so early and took another one that night.. i got a BFN took the second one the next morning and got another BFN… does anyone know if ovulating would have caused me to get a BFP? just kinda confused on what to do



    wait a few more days lovemy – your body may still be out of whack after the last pregnancy – hard to pinpoint ovulation.



    myboogy- It really depends when you both are ready emotionally and financially.


    good luck cpalmer andlil BDBDBDBDBD



    MILLIESMOM- It took me 1 month to conceive DD and 7 mos to conceive DS.


    thats the one thing i hate about ttc, is when you get that BFN… ugh…


    Well, af reared her ugly head. Hope she stays away from everyone else! Haven’t had a chance to catch up yet, but if anyone had a bfp, congrats!!



    My hubby is a chef…Love his cooking, but he works nights and so I’m the only one to make dinner here….but on the Sundays and Mondays he cooks…and I sit back and enjoy!



    aw crazy, ur son sounds the same as my dd, infact she can still wear some 9-12m & some 12-18m is still too big – shes 2 in Nov lol

Viewing 15 posts - 826 through 840 (of 131,346 total)

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