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    hubby keeps calling me and i’m ignoring it so i can keep up with you guys, lol oops!



    When do signs normally start?



    Okay, so I’m going with the grape juice trick, and I will give hubby the other digital test and ask him to hide it from me til Monday morning. Thank you so much for your reassurance. As you all know, sometimes we just need someone else to tell us what we already ‘think’ we know…. Catch up wi you later Cheers!!!



    2ties, if ur spotting & its a week before AF maybe its implantation spotting! Keep an eye on it, if it is implantation then it will stop after only a couple of days & would be very light, GL!



    so i just stopped bleeding all together i dont know if this is good or bad


    CANT keep my eyes open here, beyond tired-was in bed too at 7 last n ight, and tired again today. Trying not too speculate as Im so scared of a BFN, but THIS IS CRAZY , I feel exhausted!


    Its going to be a hot one here in Texas too…80 and its only 7:50 am.UGH! I so long for fall to get here, seems like we didnt have a spring at all. The dd doesnt seem to mind though even though her position as hind catcher on her softball team makes her sweat and get overheated sometimes. LOL..


    only…what CD are you on again?



    proudwifey- its is totally a BFP! They will get darker! Congrats chica and keep us posted!! =D


    Questions ladies: I had sex a week before my period was sopose to come…I’m trying to get pregnant…my period came 2days early….I never really bleed heavy but this bleeding is only on the tissue…nothing on the pad yet…I went to a couple sites and it said I would have been fertile till the 23 of december…this site said something different (I wouldn’t have been fertile at all around that time) I don’t know which site to believe…I had sex on christmas eve…what do u gals think?



    wannabe – did you get a rough night or anything? or were you cold at all throughout the night?



    soz helluva 🙁



    i just post amber pic on my profile. i kinda screw up but that’s teh best i can do for now. sorry ladies i have no baby yet to talk about just my doggy.



    evening ladies its so late here for me but ive ben googling heaps on my upcoming falopian tube operation iam as nervous as ll shit……..wel an interesting fact i found that we already knew was just how our woman bodies store the mans sprem for fewrtilisation.. its amasing wat our bodies do to breed so to speak.. in some animals they have pouch sorta things to hold the sperm until time we woman dont quiet have a pouch but our tubes are the perfect lil ‘storage’ spots for the sprem for up to 5 dasy b4 ovulation… just thought i would share that and give sdome out ther like myslef that has been ttc for over 3 yrs some fun reading and some lil bit of hope ok night ladies.



    helly, vbacs arent as big of a deal as they were when they still practiced veritcal incisions… now they are horizontal so they dont pose as much of a risk… but its still a lil risky.

Viewing 15 posts - 84,001 through 84,015 (of 131,346 total)

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