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    EJPMomma, I found them at Walmart. 30 day supply for $5.


    Again I don’t mean to alarm you, I just thought maybe you should check it out.



    Hey all- hope you are all having a good Friday 🙂


    ye my hubby also complains too im to much for BD too, we started trying mid march so next week were going to do a test and fingers crossed i can move over to the weeks, my lo is 22months and sooo broody i also wish you baby dust too and more BD time lol xx



    cherry – Supposedly it works like Clomid if you only take it for 5 days at the beginning of your cycle. If you take it longer than that, it can prevent ovulation, but if you take it for 5 days at the beginning (day 3-7 or 5-9) there is evidence that suggests the phytoestrogens will affect your body like Clomid and encourage ovulation.


    hey ladies what ia Clomid?? thats if ive spelt it right. TIA ladies x



    Okay, well it’s 9am so the noise ordinance is off for the day. I’m gonna go blare my music and clean my floors! Later!



    @hoping, i’m on lesson 4…there are so many! i just used opk’s this cycle, but will add temps next month if we didnt catch the egg.
    @sweetbaby…i think i’ll just leave the test on the bathroom counter with a note asking him to interpret results (he’s a doctor lol)



    yorkie: how is your chart looking? You can POAS for fun, but at only 8 DPO, very likely you will see a BFN even if you are preggo. Eggie would just be implanting now, so hCG would be very low.



    April- I agree..its boarderline, tomorow it’ll prob be darker! Get to BDing :):)


    Thank you.. I just got her ears pierced I will have to try and get pictures up for you guys so you have something precious to look at during these trying times of trying! Dont give up anybody! I know we will all have BFP’s soon!



    Congrats on the Bfp’s!! This is wonderful news, since we barely had any for a while. I’m currently on CD18/1DPO and can’t wait to get a BFP! Sad and happy for u ladies who are leaving since so many have been here with me and others for ever it seems like… Welcome all newcomers! Haven’t really been saying much because Im trying to be more layed back… Hows is everyone doing?!



    Hi ladies, I’m new 😀 I am due for AF July 11, and I have a test where I can use it 5 days early when should I try it? I am dying to POAS.


    Arr @ Mileysmom, it is disappointed when it doesnt happen straight away for us but dont get too downhearted. GD for next month



    Nikolle- the 51% that end in m/c most of them never even know they are pg, as it’s too early for a pos hpt or the egg doesn’t implant properly etc. So a lot of the times we may actually feel preggo we probably are, but for some reason it isn’t viable and ends in what we think is AF, but can be an early m/c.

Viewing 15 posts - 84,031 through 84,045 (of 131,346 total)

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