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    excited, i feel sick :/ haha nauseous all the time, and i get the hot thing….hot flashes actually, lots of em all day and its hella hot here! ugh lol i would be so much more welcoming to my symptoms if i had my results now



    Good night ladies. Looking forward to testing tomorrow. I did not get to the store to buy a digi, so I’ll be using the IC’s. GL everyone!



    i feel very crampy today, the way i get when AF is due, but not due until 8th Oct….maybe jst O pains, but feels like AF is coming!



    Sorry for being annoying and always posting/asking questions lol. Do you think I have already ovulated? I didn’t take an opk for 18 hours and it was positive this evening but my cm is now chunky (sorry tmi) after ewcm for 5 days… I haven’t used opks before this so I don’t know much. hubby is too sick to bd (of course!) so I am hoping yesterday morning will be enough.



    THANKS AGAIN LADIES!! I AM SO THRILLED!! MADDUX – DON’T GIVE UP!!! I totally lost ALL my symptoms a couple days ago my temps even went down…I even DRIED UP!!! LOL I just got my BFP this morning so just hang in there hun!! 🙂


    hey ladies, now my AF has stopped i rang docs and they said to stop taking my tablets and to get back on metformin, so tomorrow i will be back on metformin, and i have joint weight watchers, this is my fourth week so im happy and positive today. sending positive vides all the way 🙂 eating healthy, drinking lots of water, me back on metformin and hubby now taking vitamins that it wnt be long before we get our BFP i thought aug was our month but nope i was wrong :(. weve been trying since february. x


    Sorry not trying to get angry but I am trying to help…. and I don’t understand why Arctic and I got that comment from her



    They are the last 3 in my photo album.



    thanks southstar


    Well i hope we both get clomid and get our BFP’s real soon!!!!!! Im praying we get it first round too!!!!!! GL and FX!!!



    EEKK…that’s scary LaCHicha….good thing you told me!


    marrie – i never thought it to be this hard either, i conceived my daughter whilst on the pill and was caught off guard but she was the best thing to happen to me, i just want to give her a sibling and after 21 months of TTC im still waiting, it certainly gets you down


    thank you im realy nervous now tho because i suffer realy bad with morning sickness so any tips would be gratefully recived xx



    Damnkat and Cuppycake – I am right behind you ladies at CD2 🙂 Yay at least I have some cycle buddies…my cycles are all over the place too 31-39 days!! Hoping for a short cycle this month. I am so down in the dumps…one of my few friends that know we are TTC just announced she is pregnant!! Happy for her but so sad that it is not me!!! Praying I get my BFP this month!



    eeyore- i bet you will get preg once you quit ‘trying’. thats how it always seems to go. when you don’t want a baby, you get a suprise! (happened to me) but when you do want one, it takes forever!! lol

Viewing 15 posts - 84,091 through 84,105 (of 131,346 total)

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