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    Meals – I’m keeping my FX for you, girl!! I posted pics of my hpt’s from this morning on my profile if you’re interested. I’m hoping a digital will confirm tomorrow morning. I won’t really feel like it’s real until it’s clear.




    im only 5 dpo i believe. could i be cramping so bad cause the egg is implanting? not sure when im going to start but i know i dont ever get AF this early its between 29 – 42 days my last periods were around 30 days so i just figured this one was too. im sick to my tummy too : ( does anyone have any ideas to whats going on?



    ashes girl, when do you find out that your having twins?



    Hello all you fabulous ladies! CD 4 for me and AF is just about packed up and ready to head out…woot woot…hoping she stays on a looong vacation this time! Time to get this BDing going and get a BFP! This will be our month ladies! Congrats to those who got their BFP’s and the newbies to TTC…hoping your stay is short! FX for us all!!



    Good Morning Girls!!! Any new bfps today??



    I am back in business. Positive opk today. I want this so much! I hope to be busy during this 2ww. I will have to work for the next 2 weeks straight… (army reserve weekend). It stinks too because if i am, i have a pt test (pushing myself to the limit physically) and have to go to the range. I cannot test positive until after the weekend… Good luck to everyone!



    @ BabyG when I told my nurse I was TTC she said to bd every other day to give hubbys swimmers a chance to get new stock built up other wise you end up with the dregs so to speak but I know people who bd everyday and its worked for them fingers crossed you caught your egg this month. How many DPO are you? I came off BC 28/3 and bd when I thought I O’d but missed it and ended up with a 32CD (got really excited when I was 5 days late) I learnt alot for the lovely ladies on this site and realised I O a week later than I orginally thought I did. Good luck.



    And4eva – Keep your chin up…I had that as well. I had the colposcopy and then the LEEP procedure done after that and I still got pregnant with my daughter shortly after! Best of luck to you!


    hey ladies!! I bought this month HPTs tonight. I didnt even take the plastic off…because I dont want the POAS obsession to take over. Lol I am only 4 dpo….no test til cd 32 for me! **sigh**



    Whew, I feel light headed!


    yea that’s what i’ve heard too so im very hopeful. Lots of odds are on my side. Im in the prime age time for being really fertile…and just went through a miscarriage so that is supposed to make you more fertile apparrently and it only took 3 months the first time of trying so not too bad….and this is my first time actually journaling(on my blog) and using ovulation tests so i think this all might help. Thanks a lot though for the encouragement 🙂



    cd 12 here hopefully the fertilitea is doing what its suppose to be doing and i get a reguler cycle this month, and earlier ovulation. congrats to all the bfps



    yeah! If you check out my latest chart it’s like pic # 2 or so on my page it’s been all over the place too! :0P



    @ britphlps- Im in the exact same boat. Im currently on Cd17 & all day i’ve been experiencing cramping on my left side ! Best of luck girl,hopefully this is our lucky month !!!!!

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