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    Diane- I have noticed having a hrd time staying asleep but I think that is because I have a lot on my mind. Maybe take it in the morning. 🙂



    I think I have caught POAS mania!!! I really want to give it a whirl and see what it says. And did I mention I am only 1DPO??? He he he – am waiting for the men in white coats as I type



    Ok ladies,

    So today is CD 26 for me and its normal to start between cycle 25-27. No symptoms of AF, so I tested twice, on Friday and yesterday with BFN. Then today, when still no signs I tested with the cheap dollar store test and it was the faintest BFP. At 5 minutes I saw nothing so I walked away and came back about 50 minutes later and at first saw nothing. But then I started holding it a different angles and saw the faintest, faintest line. The box says that after 10 minutes any results are invalid. So what do you guys think? I am holding my breath here. But everything in this past month has been different. No sore breast after ovulation and I always get that. They are just starting to get sore. Continued with EWCM for a while like a week after ovulation. Cervical position remains high and soft, and was very high today. And got a pimple a few days after ovulation and I normally get one on AF day. I also got a charlie horse (cramp) in my calf one night and I never get those. And since like Saturday, I have been getting what I call my ovulation pains on my sides where my ovary is. I normally only get that when Im about to ovulate. Sooooooooo……. I am hoping and praying the faintest line is true. I will test again tomorrow if nothing and pray that line gets stronger. Please tell me what you ladies think!!!



    aaaah ha ha ha @ couldbe2…i like the way you talk / post…very funny…



    I need to perk myself back up you guys. I am still down about the whole dr thing on Tuesday! (read my blog) It sucks I have been bringing myself back after 3 years of trying and after all the BFN’s. I am just starting to lose it blah 🙁 Sorry I am being a downer 🙁



    Awe Bridget, I’m sorry to hear that – I was really hoping for u 🙂 Di – u be careful out there the pictures look horrid.. Goodnight TTC ladies wish me luck and sticky babydust ;-D



    It can happen that you leave a test sitting too long and a line will appear. That happened with one of my early tests (when I wasn’t prego) and even one when I was. I would hold onto the test until you are much closer to your original test date you were aiming for. What color dye was the test?



    YAY! I remembered my password to my old account! SOOOO, I am deleting my other account & keeping this one. So add me here!!



    goodnight maureen;)



    sorry about your BFN 2bBlessed 🙁 i hope next month is your month, sending you babydust!



    Hi Gator how are you?


    I’m thinking I will start my pre-seed on Sunday! I don’t want to get my hopes up though



    it’s so not fair that we have to consider turning to drugs to get our bodies to ‘work’ … so frustrating : /



    It’s very quiet in here this morning, we’re off to swimming lessons now so I’m leaving too, but will look forward to catching up later! Hopefully there will be some more BFPs! Take care x



    OPK and CHARTING QUESTION: So I noticed a slight increase in my temp this morning (I am not suggesting I ovulated). It went from 97.10 to 97.41. Also, the line on my OPKs are getting darker…not darker than the control line, but visibly darker. Does this mean that I am on my way to ovulating? Do you find the same gradual increase in your temp and opks? This is the first month I used an OPK. I’m on Cycle day 9. Any help is appreciated!

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