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    So ladies I’m having an HSG next month and they are supposed to perform it after AF but before O but thats not when it was scheduled. I called the office and asked and she said that you are supposed to do it then but she couldn’t change the date which would be 5dpo so she said I can’t have sex at all in June! Feels like a wasted month but I guess it will help us so…oh well. Hopefully I get pregnant this cycle and won’t have to do it!



    Hey ladies I have a question….My period is 10 days late and I’ve had some symptoms of pregnancy. One test I took I thought had a faint line, The rest have been negative. I also believe I have a kidney infection, Can the kidney infection cause a false positive?? Please help! I’m going crazy!



    Good morning ladies.. I was wondering if anyone can answer my question.. I am using OPK’s this month and was wondering if it is possible to miss my LH surge.. and if I do miss the surge as long as I am BDing I should be OK right?!


    Member a lot of cases it’s just that one time that could be all it takes!

    I got pregnant with both of my children by only BD one time, more like an oops! 😛
    It will happen, don’t lose hope!



    whoops, next Friday



    I am now 2dpo and I am hoping like crazy that this will be our month we actually hit all the right days this month so i hope it works!!! I go next tuesday for my progesterone check and I am hoping for it to be over 25 which was last months number. who else is onto their two week waiting



    I don’t know why I spelled ‘want’s’ with an ‘ …. I’m losing it!! lol… my grape juice really is wine apparently!!



    Crazyfornumber3- I have done all dat , and more they told me everything was beautyful & healthy so here I am ! I probably have gotten everything u can think of & more lol blood,ultrasound & more and everything is normal so dats good to no! I was on depo wish I never startd dat junk , so finally I’m here hopefully dis jumpstart sum10, maybe after ill try clomid if nothing happens in a few more months?



    don’t worry fairydarkstar – he will know when he is ready to be a father



    also my temp is 99.1 yesterday and today hadn’t taken it before now but.. that seems high.



    Hello Girls. What’s the pulse in here today? I am at work! 9 am here in New York : )



    Weegee- is that by lmp or by your O date?



    hey gator 🙂


    Only..have you had any nausea? I’ve been sick to my stomach ever since the last I don’t know if I can take this for another 6 months if I don’t get a bfp. I read it’s a good sign it the hormones are working if you get nausea but still fingers crossed. So far no hostile CM ( i read it can make it hard for the sperm to get to the egg) . Dr says I’m a good candidate and I’m just praying she’s right! Clomid is cheap but not the dr visits!



    no slept solidly – been a bit uncomfortable down low and CP in close and firmish. It is cold here, maybe i slept with my mouth opened?? I took my temp again about 15 mins later and it had risen to 36.09

Viewing 15 posts - 84,511 through 84,525 (of 131,346 total)

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