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    Update on me: still waiting for AF to show as it has been 2 days now since the last provera pill so I could have another 12 dyas to wait. FUN WOW !!!! lol not. I filled my script for my femara so I have it for CD3, when ever that may be lol. Other than that I have been very moody. DH and I have had a rough 3 days just because he speaks before he thinks. I have been taking crap to heart thanks to my great meds lol. I so want a BFP so I can stop this madness. Wait it might get worse with preg right? Great sorry about DH luck lol.



    haha, totally, I can NOT talk to my boss about it, she is almost retired and her attitude is that the fetus can handle way more then we give it credit for. I told her I wasn’t drinking coffee because I couldn’t stand the smell, she wouldn’t have accepted my paranoid and safe reason haha 😀



    What’s ya’lls verdict? I had cramping and diarrhea on and off all weekend, little light headed Fri afternoon and Sat afternoon, tender boobs, and should have started AF Mon. I took a test Sun (testing day) and last night, both negative.



    cpalmer – we got your back either way…but I have every appendage crossed lol! 🙂



    It was so nice hearing from u turtlefur we have missed u around here!



    Amanda, I’m CD8 too. I think you and I were expecting AF on the same day. I’ve now had two 32-cycles in a row. So now I think I’m starting to level out since getting of my BC in January.



    Do you guys hurt in your back when you have O pains? My back has started hurting so bad this afternoon and my BBs are sore and feel heavy. Maybe I am about to O? I am on CD 19. I didn’t get a smiley face on my OPK today.



    Good morning everyone…glad to see so much company in the TWT! I believe I am 3DPO but fertility friend hasn’t pinpointed my ovulation yet due to some crazy temperature shifts. I hope we see a lot of BFP’s this month!



    cd 6 here. Before starting ttc i went to the pharmacist to buy Folic Acid and she gave me a box of 5mg. She said that, these are the ones the doctors give the whom is pregnant or ttc. But i feel the 5mg are very much since i do not really need them. When i conceived my dd i did not take any and she was fine. I am thinking of stoping them cos i am thinking that perhaps they were the reason of my m/c last time. What do you think?



    cd2 5 mores days of af and back in the game. anyone know where to get soy in Australia?


    Member Lol..where did you find that site? Sad part is, I have been staring cross-eyed at my tests, swearing I see a faint shadow of a line, but I blink and it’s gone:/ I will upload one on there later and see what I get. I am 13dpo and BFN. I O’d 2 days earlier than expected, but I am still holding out for Friday to be considered ‘late’, as that is cd29 for me. Of course I will have to satisfy my appetite for poas and do one everyday until Friday,lol. My bbs are killing me though as of yesterday, so I am hanging on to that glimmer of hope:-)



    I LOVE YOU LADIES!! THanks for the motivation! 🙂 I guess we all need that from time to time…..of course I spoke too soon about the cramps..THEY’RE BAA_AACK!! LOL 🙂 I know it may mean nothing but I guess in my head as long as there is some activity down there I feel better. does that make sense? I normally never get cramps unless AF is almost here. So, as long as it is a good sign…BRING ON THE CRAMPS..AND GAS….AND NAUSEA.!!! LOL!



    mommytoonebeauty – Ughh I am so sorry . hopefully it happens for you very soon!!!



    jen, these ladies are pro at bbt and cm check. but for the rest of us we’re too confuse about those things so we just bd a lot. but either way as a basic when to bd is the most important. when i got preg my cm were actually normal. i say right after your next af you should start recording your everyday symptoms. it will help.



    Christine- Im keen for a POAS party on Monday, AF is due that day also so I hope she stays away! Ill have to go buy some hpts, im not keeping any at home cos I end up wasting them!

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