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    I agree Dawn. DD wasn’t an oops, she was an earlier than I had planned, and my other two, it took jsut a couple of months. But this time, what the heck? It stinks that there is such a small window, each month to conceive!!!


    SOOO…as most of you knwo my hubby was deployed half of June and July so there went 2 months of TTC out the window for us. Anyway, I was pretty bummed at first because I thought we were going to be a no go for this month too…long story short I have had a mass on my thyroid since I was 12…i HATE salt so that’s been my problem. I went to urgent care with a sinus infection and the dr proceeded to tell me he was worried i had thyroid cancer…i FREAKED out and went to my fam doctor yesterday…she has NO fears that it’s anything of the sorts so she gave us the go ahead to BD all we want. Well, yesterday i noticed the somewhat watery but getting thicker CM so we BD’ed last night LOL he woke up late this morning so we are going to BD again tonight…i remember someone saying how long it takes to for sperm to regenerate…whats that time frame so i can stalk him LOL



    I’ve had a busy weekend, so I haven’t been able to get on as much as I like to. I was SO, SO happy to read about the BFP’s!! Congratulations and H&H 9 months to you all!! FX to those who are almost ready to test and are having symptoms – hoping to read about many more BFP’s : ) I’m 5 DPO and not having symptoms that I’m aware of. I did start crying when I was rocking my DD tonight because I’m just so in love with her. Hmmm. Sign? We’ll see…



    BOXER: Could indeed be implantation – timing is right for that. I sure hope so!! If it turns out not to be implantation, when TTC we can really do a number on our poor cervix and lady bits in gereral. It’s pretty common to pop little blood vessels in that area that cause us to spot a little.



    Hey ladies I decided I am not gonna pos till af is forsure here I have a idea that maybe if I don’t. Count every symptom and wait on pos I might have more of a chance. And maybe I won’t get heart broken if and when af shows. I am also not tracking ovulation just going to bd every otherday. Maybe if I relax a little on ttc it might happen. Both my other 2 babies where concieved this month and I was on bc with my dd and I was not activly trying with my son. So I’m gonna try the same this month and I start2d telling everyone I am trying but not trying as whatever happens happens on its own!



    eeyore-I feel a bit down as well. I don’t feel it was our month either as dh was not available much of the highly fertile times. Oh well, look forward to next month right??



    your welcome alicia! I started having the O pain after my daughter was born… when she was almost 4 months! It caught me completely by surprise… i thought something was wrong with me! but my doctor explained that it happens sometimes after you have a baby bc of changes to the uterus… now i feel lucky that I have it! ( makes for a better predictor to know when to BD! ) 🙂



    ive had the cramping for a few days now too



    Hello ladies. I am still here and reading every day. I am just working so much and don’t have a lot to report about the focular phase. I am somewhere between cd9 and cd11. (I have spotting for 2 days before.). I started using opk last month and faded in. It looks like I am fading in now and cm is looking fertile. No positive yet… Gonna BD anyway.
    Hang in there ladies. I really hope we all get our bfp soon.



    readyfor#2, not to add to you hating shots but cortizone shots HURT!!!


    My DD went in to the bathroom and some how found my hpt that I saved right after the MC it was positive but found out I still hormones left. Well I saved it but could’ve sworn I throw it away Saturday my 4 year found it and brought it to me I took it from her and throw it in the garbage my self later on that night my 2 year old brought my the same test I don’t know how how she got it praying it is a sign I have 9 days til my next cycle I had s little stomach sickness last night but I didn’t do any testing this month and I have been have a wet lotion like discharge



    Thumbs up for implantation spotting 🙂 …



    babykreisler – Welcome!! 🙂



    Oooohhhh good luck toomany & amber!!!! Sunflower, CD 3 for me, I O around CD 13 & have 27 day cycles. I’m predicted to O on memorial day .& we’ll be at the beach condo 🙂 NICE & relaxing place to make a baby. that’s where DD got her start




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