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    brandy you are going to think this is crazy but i have seeing nothing but rainbows the last few days! we’ve had very showery weather as well! then last night i dreamt of two rainbows and me and my friend both got bfps 🙂 bad news is i think dh is about to suggest we knock the idea of another bub on the head cos of money and stuff so i really hop we get preg this cycle so he cant do anything about it!


    Hey duffy….whats goin on


    so i was reading up on some symptoms i have that could chalk this up to pregnancy. heart burn–which i never ever get. and ive had heartburn now for the past
    4 days. constipation (maybe TMI) but i never have that either. plus i could seriously drink like 10 gallons of orange juice. im hoping that AF is taking 9 months off. and that ill get a BFP next week when i test.



    I am trying for number 2



    bcalove82 – thank you for the encouragement!! I won’t test anymore…unless i am 3d missing AF. 🙂 But for my two previous pregnancies, I tested positive at 12 DPO.



    LaChica:Heck yeah, me too…urgh. I just want my BFP!!! lol…good luck…i will keep a close eye on you.



    Taylor. I’m so sorry Hun don’t give up- it can be frustrating and know you have been ttc for some time now… I hope it happens soon for u- stay strong…



    tahlia- I know clomid extends your cyce, but do you know how long it can extend your ovulation to?



    CD7 and I am already going crazy looking at this fertility chart. Does anyone know a 100% free online fertility tracker? I am using fertility friend but they are asking for money now.



    Hey ladies. Whew what a long hot day. We had some serious rough weather here last night a lot of trees/hydro wires came down on people’s houses all the power was out. Roofs we’re blowing off buildings a town not too far from where we live is in a state of emergency. My house is fine thank goodness but it’s just awful for some of the other families. I’m going to have a cool bath and maybe a nap. 7 dpo today 5 days til testing! Hope everyone is doing well



    thanks frizzy. it says it was still early for me to test on Monday… I guess ill hold out until. I knew better anyway since I feel fine. I just make more bathroom runs and I’m now getting lower back pain and some cramping…



    Hello ladies! I have been following this forum for a while and have been TTC #2 for four months. I had an ectopic and lost a tube in ’06 but was able to get pregnant with DD in ’07. We definitely think it’s time for a new addition to the family and I have a good feeling about this month! I should ovulate tomorrow or Monday! I just hope it’s the correct side. Good luck to all of you!


    Yeah dm. The hot flushes get me too haha, and same as ur DH mine just laughs lol, whilst I’m stripping and trying to make myself cool hahahaha.



    princessk1227 —im from philly and i looove those chhhheeeessseestakes!!



    Has anyone ever tried to track their fertility using the moon cycles? I’ve been reading up a bit about it and the information i’ve got from it is its possible to ovulate twice. I’ve been tracking my cycle for about 6 months now and it’s still irrgeular but i also downloaded a moon phase app to compare what the moon is doing when my cycle begins and ends. What i’ve noticed is that my period starts the day after the new moon and there for i think my ovulation should occur around the full moon. Anyone know much about this or know of a good website?

Viewing 15 posts - 84,646 through 84,660 (of 131,346 total)

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