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    Kristy- lol I wish I was going on vacation- but we’re moving from nj to California near San Diego do at least the weather will be nicer… Lol



    Just one more small piece of advice…Be carefull not to trick yourself into getting symptoms, you will be evenmore disappointed when AF comes and you will get evenmore frustrated too. I know it’s hard but sometimes try not to test too early, it’s tends to take the fun out of it, and can be quite costly~



    Cari good luck!



    hmmm it doesnt want me to post…


    I’m so frustrated by these stupid OPK’s.. It could be operators error, but all of these dang strips match each other!! But I’m thinking after this batch we are just going to go back to BD all the time!!! =)



    tbt – mine always feels kind of open though, or atleast like a little dimple in it. but i do know that it’s closed though, bc during last AF (ick) i checked my CP a few times to see what it felt like open.



    Well, I’m calling my doctor’s office today. Is CD 39 for me, WTH?!?! and no AF. I didn’t know a chemical pregnancy would have such an effect on a cycle… I heard that since there was no implantation, you would just get your AF a bit heavy and ready to move on. I even got my pos OPK, EWCM and all that this cycle. Anybody has any ideas?



    TBT- If I don’t get AF by Sat/Sun I will test with you 🙂 What time zone are you in?

    Yep it is Labor Day here- I am enjoying my day off sitting on IAP he he.. I will go lay out and work on my tan in a few hours while I wait for hubby to come home and then maybe head out to the beach for a few hours 🙂



    I am rejoining you girls in here after having lost a baby at just 5 1/2 weeks. Sad. I was really hoping for a December baby. Well, I will go to the doctor soon, but am hoping that I will be able to conceive again soon. Good luck, everyone!! Wishing many healthy pregnancies on you all!!



    hello ladies how is everyone today?



    Madelmar17 – Thank you hun !!!! The best of luck to you this cycle 🙂



    farro — i have been on this forum for over a year and have found alot of friends one of my best friends here is in the hospital with what might be a m/c I pray not. I let my emotions, and possible irratablility get the best of me. i am not sorry for feeling the way I do though but I probably should have not said anything



    hey ladies got a faint pos on a clear blue, but surely by now it shoul be gettin darker its no darker then the test i took a week ago, my doctor didnt help much xx



    ok i just enterd in my data for ff and they didnt like wat i ve put in and my red lines have now gone,have i confused it??



    My highest temp this cycle post ovulation has only been 98.13. That is my highest one. Can you link your chart again? I don’t use FF I just use countdowntopregnancy. My cover line is 97.4.

Viewing 15 posts - 84,676 through 84,690 (of 131,346 total)

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