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    Well, I got another faint line on frer…i went to the dr and took a free test, which I tink is less sensitive, and the girl said its completely negative. So I made an appt for next friday, we will see if I get af by then…



    Hey .. I’m looking for some advice .. I am 8 days late for my period – and ive taken 4 HPT’s all negative .. ?? .. with my daughter ( who is now 20 months) i didnt test until i was 3 weeks late and got a positive .. with my son ( who is now 6 months) im not sure how ‘late’ i was because my periods were just getting regular from being off my b/c – but i got a positive .. i have a friend that never had a positive HPT even after she saw her daughter on u/s .. anyone know why ive gotten these neg tests and my period is 8 days late as of today .. thanks! ……. p.s – i have had no stress the past month and my period always comes as scheduled



    I am sooo damn mad at myself. We didn’t BD as much as I would have liked and its my fault…I’ve been so exhausted that literally fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillows. 🙁 I was due to O this week and have yet to get a positive OPK ;( I get a light line then nothing then a light line ;( I have increased my water intake significantly and really feel that that’s the reason it’s not turning positive. I didn’t have any ewcm either, except once and it was like 1 blob (sry tmi) . I really wanted a May baby and just feel like….aweful ;( wahhh, this sucks! I wish I never bought opks! I will like a failure bc I haven’t got a positive and then I would feel down and not BD…. sorry for the rant ladies, just feeling low ;(



    diane – thats awsome, bring the tot over i’ll babysit 🙂



    Hey ladies, I’m new but not so new…I have been back several times due to af disappearing. We have spoken to a doctor cause it’s been so out of whack and next week I have an appointment to start CLOMID. Going all out with trying now cause it’s been 2 years and still I guess you can I’m back to ‘trying to conceive’. Baby dust to everyone!



    Yeah Alicia, because each .1 of a degree gets it’s own block, little changes do look dramatic! Looking at a couple of days together does not make much sense, but when you look at the big picture, like after two weeks of temping, you’ll see patterns – the patterns are what tell you what your cycle is up to. If your temp continues to drop, then I would say AF might be coming soon. If you get a zig-zag pattern with .3 (or more) degree shifts up and down, then that might indicate ovulation did not happen, so your system is ‘confused’ – if you see a temp rise pattern, then hope is not gone for this cycle, and a BFP might still happen! Lets see what your temps do over the next few days 🙂 Temping can get as addictive as POAS (well, ok maybe not) or for some ladies, it can be as frustrating as heck, but for me, it tells me a lot!



    Babybean – Looks promising!!!! Test again tomorrow to see if it keeps getting darker!!
    mommynwifey & courtneyb – sounds good! Good luck testing! As for me it’s 9dpo going to test on Friday, if I can hold out! So far have a tingly feeling in bbs, back pain and cramping/pulling…fingers crossed, all those signs are also of AF so who knows what’s going to happen, should find out soon!



    I can’t seem to wait past 10 dpo, maybe next month I’ll be strong (yah right)



    Justine- Congrats!



    @ thebigtomato – ahhh why cant i know when i O so i dont have to have BD every day * sobbing * lol. you are so lucky lol.



    Prettypennies: I’m sure it’s just too early…. With my last baby I was tested at the dr the day before my af and it was negative… Tested the day af was due which was the next day and it was positive… I would just wait til AF is due :))



    I’m convinced this will be my month! I’ve done enough negative thinking! I’m ready to put myself out there and HOPE and maybe it will pay off!



    and4eva – u should test good luck



    lol so is my hubby – snoring like anything…goodnight LC



    Inkdoll: That should keep my hopes up till testing in 7 days 🙂 With my daughter I was very sleepy and tired, slept through ALL my lectures and my boobs got bigger and I stopped eating, plus, when I found out, I was already almost 13 weeks, and then all of a sudden after finding out I started to get morning sickness. Goodluck to those who are still ‘waiting’ for AF to NOT show, and baby dust to those whose starting the new cycle. And of course, congrats to those with the BFPs! Xx

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