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    Anyways ladies, didn’t mean to start a debate or anything like that so I deleted my posts! 😛 Don’t want to offend anyone!

    Anyone testing tomorrow? Alicia? 😀 I was really hoping to get my BFP last cycle, but didn’t. I was so hopeful too because last cycle was so LONG! Ever since I missed my first period I was testing like a crazy woman! I have a serious POAS addiction lol. I don’t temp or anything yet, but will start if my ttc journey takes longer than 4-5 cycles.



    4thbumpy- Congrats and love the new name! I remember just reading your blog about AF because you got the BFN at 13dpo,lol. What a pleasant surprise instead♥…maybebaby4 – Im not sure if the OPK’s progress darker when detecting a pg or not? Mine were SUPER dark and positive when I did mine with my last pg, but it was also at 12dpo(cd26), so I never got to see if they started out light days before. FX for you that is the case though!…alohamom3- Sorry AF showed up and next month looks grim. Hopefully hubby surprises you:)…CaniacMom – I caught that too before, about your Luteal phase seeming short, but 10-17 is average, so they claim. Sounds like your DR has you in the right direction with the process of lengethening it anyways. FX it works, or like you said, that you’re pregnant instead♥..



    i have a little yorkie dog and he knows when im down too he will like crawl up on my lap and try and kiss me and just cuddle with me till i feel better. my doggie always makes me feel better:)



    just got my tube of preseed ive heard great reviews! Anyone have experience with it? look forward to bding to try it out 🙂



    Sho, did you test??? That sounds very promising! Alicia – you too!! Good luck ladies!



    Terriann20 – my temps always drop around 7dpo regardless if I am pregnant or not. So don’t count yourself out just yet.



    I can’t figure out what’s going on with me anymore. I normally have a fairly short cycle… usually around 25 days. I used an OPK this past month and it said I ovulated on CD 11 which was the 24th of October. I am currently on CD 21 and spotted thismorning. At first I thought my cycle was getting even shorter, but other than that initial spot, it’s completely stopped. I am 10dpo and took a HPT and got a BFN. I don’t know what to think. I expect AF before this coming weekend is up. I hate waiting.



    Well still no af or bfp 🙁



    good afternoon ladies!! wow seems to be lots of BFPs! congrats


    IM BACK 🙂 hopefully not for more punishment lol. Trying for #3 we are taking each month as it comes and trying not to put too much pressure on things which I think stopped it happening last time 30 months it took for BFP now I have a beautiful girl to go with my first born daughter. I’ve been very fortunate. From our discussions this will be our last baby 😐 but things may change we will see. Thank you for the lovely welcome from some of you lovely ladies. Good luck everyone. Lets get some shiney BFPs 🙂 whoop excited



    leesh been thinking, if you are not pg would your temps stay high until you get af? with your long cycles before did the dr say the reason as to why your homrones dragged out your cycle was due to no O? do you know what your temps have been for any previous cycle? your doing very well at being patient,, i would be out of control by now if i was you…i just get errkked with not knowing what is going on hey!



    hehe ladies at lunch I bought a turkey baster, gravy bowl and Hand cuffs for DH LOL 😉 I got to have some fun scaring the Sexy Baby Machine. HEHE it is in a pretty box too. I think I might get fired 😉 but rehire is SO MUCH fun. See what happens when the tww drives you crazy



    hi alicia! yeas thats why im worrying, im sure stretching pains is normal but this is different, i cant really explain it. Im 4 weeks today so not sure if they can tell me much at the doctors. Its a nightmare here coz the doctors dont monitor you much throughout pregnancy. Im going to be pushy though, gonna try and get an appointment for tomorrow and hopefully get a scan – but will they see anything this early?



    Got to love it! Just when you think you know what your body is doing, goes and throws a curved ball



    AF did not show yesterday; not here yet today either. Took an equate test, BFN! guess i will see come the weekend what is going on. to top if off, think i have something like the flu but not full blown flu….feel like poopy

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