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    shez05- if ur last af was on sept 5th, and you ovulated on cd14 (the average) ur ovulation day would have been sept 19th, if ur cycle is an average 28 days, then ur af should have been due oct 3. I hope that helps. this is just an average timeline for you. if you don’t get af soon maybe you should see your doctor for advice. good luck babydust!



    Good morning ladies almost afternoon! I’m late getting on. Had a hard night last night. Good luck to love and cleo! Baby dust!!!!!!


    LMAO nice lains



    Its 1.34am and Im only up to see you cleo is PG.



    raoskirko- Yes it is totally possible. My sister’s friend had 5 kids and her DH had a vas and they had 2 more! Do you know how they did it? They may cut, tie, stitch, cauterize, or clip. And there are probably more variations but each has its own failure rate.



    Hi ladies – well, I finally got a BFP yesterday! Light, but there….we’ve officially been ttc#2 for a year now. I did have some slight spotting (reddish) last night but nothing since…totally freaks me out. I’m obsessively testing today to make sure I’m still getting a line. I hope hope hope this one sticks….had a chemical in early January….so I’m hopeful. Any other new BFP’s?



    glad 2 hear it chas 😀 good luck for this month 🙂 thanx for the dust



    Will your doctor follow up to check your hCG in a few days to make sure it’s actually going down?



    BFN. Set myself up for a fall, there, huh? Knew I shouldn’t have got excited. 🙁 had a lil bit of cramp going on so am probably just late. Gutted.


    Thanks diane – its just confusing as it the first time i have seen this second line – at first i thought it was just me but i have shown chris and my mum ad they both see them too – im still thinking it as a neg as i dont want to get my hopes up and i wake up to AF saying hello


    thanks newmom. either a BFP or AF would be nice right now so i at least get a straight answer



    We have been off the pill since the beginning of March, so not long at all really. We are just having fun and seeing what happens! We were off the pill and just having fun when we were trying for our first and it took us 5 months. I am hoping it won’t take that long this time!



    donna- the doctor didnt even tell me that it is more weight then with reggular bc. i am on the heavyside as it is, so why she would not let me know this idont know, i did some research on it before but not enough, i later found so much more when i really started looking and everyone had the same complaints, just goes to show you really need to do your homework before getting on any thing that changes your hormone levels. i had never been on bc before so i didnt know what i was getting myself into with the depo. i just figured it was easier then remembering to take a pill. i am really bad at that. it also takes longer to get pregnant after you are off it. for a few it happens right away but more dont it could take up to 18 months.



    Oh, and the DPO that you got your BFP (if you know) would be great as well!



    Im not sure boogy x im BDing every day until friday now and then give my DH hubby a break because we done it everyday since AF went on the 17th oct lol x poor thing I figure Friday is the 30th so at least we be sure we did all we could to help xx

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