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    No my CM is normal still no change there, no i dont have a BBT thermomiter, where do you get those from??



    babydoll…it could be a whole host of things…try not to read too much into it right now…but also, don’t brush it off as being nothing either…I know that isn’t very helpful to you…but it’s just one of those things that could be everything or nothing at all!


    diane, your little guy looks so cute in his irsh green outfit….


    little one ~ if we got pregnant now we would be due around the 9th of aug which would be amazing cuz both my grandfather and my mother’s bdays are the 9th….. my first DD was born aug 17th on my younger brothers b-day



    ok i will bd my heart out tonight lol hubby is loving this!!!



    hey newmama im good, how are you? 🙂


    You can definitely see the lines. At first I though I was crazy lol I had my hubby look and he was like no theres def a line. I feel so bad we want this so bad and I feel like I just got our hopes up for them to come crashing down on us. Gosh I thnk im going to go to walmart tonight get an equate brand and use it and the dollar tree test in the AM and see what happens


    myboogy80~~ Oh wow! Well i hope you get your BFP!! Im due for AF on the 3rd so we will see what happens.



    9DPO! Getting closer to test time. Only a few more days!



    Well AF showed up yesterday so CD2 for me today.
    DH wants me to try to relax this cycle which means no OPK’s, less of this website and actually having fun in the bedroom. He told me that last cycle he felt like a sperm bank. I still want to keep track of when I O (somehow) but I can never tell with my cervical mucous! 🙁



    congrats mugs!!!! 🙂 and TTCBB, ive been havin alot of symptoms but am sooo stumped, i really dont know what to think of this cycle at all!! well AF is due thursday so i should have my answer by then!


    Yay im ovulating!!! i was worried that i wasn’t going to but i am!!! i ovulated on day 18 of my cycle when i got preg with my daughter and today is day 18 and i noticed that i have cm!!! my body must work like clock work so weird!!!so hopefully this will be my month!!! im not getting my hopes up though, this is just our first month of ttc!!!!



    baby1 yep me too.. I normally break out pretty bad a few days before AF and so far NOTHING (which I am not complaining about lol) and normally my BBs are so sore for one week prior and usually the 1st day of AF but they just started to hurt as of yesterday.. I am CD30 today and still no show.. AF is usually here between CD28 – CD 30 so we will see.. the day is still early for me LOL



    defo all bfp,



    I hope so!! 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 8,551 through 8,565 (of 131,346 total)

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