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    congrats sking…so happy 4 u



    Hey ladies AF Is gonna sneak up on me. I feel it she makes me mad sumtimes but since i have PCOS i am sumtimes happy to see her. but I really feel like she shouldn’t be comin this month lol but i know she is. 14/18 dpo.



    lol katie yeh i know!!!! i suppose ppl in general dont understand all the stress ttc causes though, until theyre in that situation… really annoyed at dh, he went to bed earlier saying he was too tired to bd, & i had ewcm tonight 🙁



    A week late now, so I called my dr. and I have an appt on Thurs. cross your fingers for me! I think I’ll buy just one more stick to pee on, I can’t stop even tho I keep getting bfn’s.


    LOL…so I broke down and tested! Not expecting AF for 6 more days so hoping it was just to early. BFN…I can’t keep tests in the house wayyyy too tempting



    My BFP’s are getting darker (I posted a pic) so I am very happy about that 🙂



    I have a off topic question…I’m a nurse we have about 10 computers in our busy office. Othe nurses of nas that have kids commonly put pictures of their kids on the screen savers..a way of sharing in the office. Well ‘my computer’ I do the same..every time I work a put a new cute one up to share. Well..for some reason someone always deletes my baby’s photo and will put some other random dumb pic up…and believe me its a totally dumb pic like a robot or something. No one else has this happen to them. Other nurses joke and say someone must be jealous. do u think this is true? I myself have never felt this (jealousy over anothers child) or do u think someone just doesn’t like me?? Am I silly to feel hurt?? Any ideas on what others are thinking please share because I’m totally obvivious..shocked and hurt..thx


    DIANE…. you here… lol….



    cant believe my baby is 2 tomorrow!



    Quick question. This is my first AF w/o birthcontrol. If I had a perfect 28 day cycle I should have started today, which I did. Could that mean that I am already back on track, body still on birthcontrol schedule, or am I just lucky this month? Last pregnancy I never tracked, just kinda let happen so I am not sure. And ever since giving birth my CM is constantly thick and in abundance so i have trouble telling that way. Thanks for your help ladies.



    hey ladies. how was everyones day? man i am so glad mine is done!! had my daughters eye app today (2hr drive away) and her eye has improved SO much that the dr doesnt think she will need the surgery!! she has to see them again end of january to make sure and they are booking the surgery anyway just in case it goes off again (which apparently it can) which is in 4-6 months time. i am so so so sicky myself, been fighting the urge to vomit all day today and my head is pounding like a jack hammer and my lower back, tummy and upper legs are KILLING me! my throat hurts 🙁 haha sorry about the pity party, i am just miserable! congrats TTC.OUR.FIRST! well done sweets x catch you all again tomorrow, tc xx


    Hi, looking for advice and friends! Wondering who has tried the sex-every-other-night method and how it worked for them?



    Hi ladies. I was on this site for the pregnancy of my first son, and met some amazing women. Now dh and I are ttc our second. Our first was a surprise, so making the decision to actively ttc has been very emotionally challenging for me, but I’m glad I finally arrived at this decision. We are on our first cycle of ttc this month. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself 🙂



    Alright ladies….I got to go and actually get some work done. Hope you guys have a great day.



    same to you xwee… Emma i hope your body sorts it’s self out real soon for you.

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