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    onlyneil ..I’m on CD 2..starting Clomid on CD 5. Have you had any effects from the clomid?



    i know your CP really cant tell you if you’re pregnant or not, but i’ve read conflicting things about it and being pregnant. some things i’ve read says when pregnant your cervix is very firm others say its soft ??? which is it?



    Happy Christmas and a healthy happy New year to everyone, I feel there is a real positive vibe here since Xweegeex got her BFP so heres wishing everyones wishes come through this Christmas or 2011.



    lol momof2….great idea…hahahaha ooops, im knocked up, how’d that happen 😉



    Hey girls, I’m from week 9 and just wanted to send all you ladies TONS of baby dust (:



    Thanks – next month charting for me if my AF arrives. Have a great day!



    well I had to get my blood drawn today since the lab is closed tomorrow so i guess i will know for then tomorrow!! I hope this is it I don’t think my heart can take it if I am not. I think even my husband is nervous he has been acting weird like never leaving my side. i did take another opk test today and within three mins it was possitive so it came up faster than yesturday but I still haven’t had a poss pregnancy test. My head hurts from wondering about this I don’t even think I could handle having to go through another month of this trying business .



    arlz we have crap winters too lol i live on the east coast 🙂



    katie – i use the clearblue digitals, but I never test until im CD 28 (12-14 dpo). At the Walmart here where I live (not sure where you are…) you can get a 5pak of them for about $20, thats a lot less than the first response. (Now if you buy a single or 2pak, they end up being like $7-8 per test). and I was looking at the box last time i bought some, it’s got the same accuracy percentages listed as the first response. And the digitals are SO much less hassle reading 🙂 but it’s whatever you are comfortable with!



    Watching this right now on tv but you can watch it online. It’s a CBC Documentary called ‘The Disappearing Male.’ A one-hour documentary about one of the most important, and least publicized, issues facing the human species: the toxic threat to the male reproductive system.’ Talks about global lowered male birth rates, increases of birth defects and miscarriages and might be interesting to everyone TTC.

    #6866448 I hope we are both PG!
    MOMMYTO…I def don’t have a six pack and yes it’s a little flabby. I’m pretty much the same weight .I didn’t get huge stretch marks ( I got them all with my first 16 years ago none with my son) but I have them mostly on my hip area. It’s worth it …I know it sucks to see those women with perfect bodies after baby…
    NURSE25..ya we don’t wait long but get HUGE dr bills I don’t know whats worse..I hope you get a bfp!
    BABY..yes I’ve been having some symptoms but think it may be just the clomid side effects



    Amanda – I too see the ‘shadow’! Hope and pray it’s darker tomorrow! Let us know if you post a new pic!!!!



    ajoke – That sounds good and keep going until you get the +. I though I didn’t O last month, but it was just late on CD17 or so.Good luck 2ties!


    Let’s see… both times, I swore AF was coming!!! Sore bb’s, I was feeling pretty nauseated! Like… it just sits in the back of my throat – and started last evening! Nasty, nasty gas!!!!!! And crampy, crampy, crampy!!! Part of the reason we had such struggles with my 1st pregnancy, I don’t normally get cramps 3 days before AF is due, so that was strange, for me! Bottom line… we tried for many months to get preggo the first time, when we stopped trying, because life got really crazy, I got preggo. When I went for my annual, she told me we’d have to wait a full year for fertility and if ‘not trying’ worked the first time, stop trying… we didn’t try much this time… no temping, no checking anything… just doing what we wanted to do when and how we wanted to do it and I guess it worked! I got for bloodwork… she said if I do it today, they’ll have it tomorrow, so I need to get moving! Although, she didn’t seem like she believed me. I asked if I should stop nursing (ok, he’s 1 in exactly a week – so I’m only nursing 2x/day) and she said not to do anything until the bloodwork comes back.



    Crazyfornumber3 it was 15 days past O …. I tried at 10 and got a bfn.

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