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    bdoe, maybe your doc needs to run some tests for pcos, having irregular periods and problems with ovulation are classic signs of pcos,,along with many other symptoms,,wouldnt hurt?



    so here we are again ttc number 2. so hubby and i bd when 2 dat befor ovulation and 1 day after ovulation. what are the chances of me being pg this month? We have been ttc for 7 months now.



    so my Progesterone levels are more than double what they would expect to see on medicated cycles



    older1sttimemom2Be —– mornin.. BIG smiles . It is 5:20 am here. I have been up since 4 am. I wish Islept better. BUT anyhoo.. WELCOME to the wild wonderful world of TTCing. I can’t help but be excited for you, me, all of us. While you are ‘dying’ in your 2ww and waiting for you BFP. I am dreading having to go on my four hour fast midday. Today I start testing with opks. And it is SOOO hard for me. not tinkling and limited fluids… ;( So 9 am gotta unplug the coffee pot. BUT yeah you are definitely symptomatic.. and i’d love to see your FF chart. A one day dip at this point could possibly mean implantation ( NOT ALWAYS) BUT THAT IS WHAT THEY SAY…. Now keep me advised how this plays out lady. smiles. It’s exciting.



    good morning ladies, Well this morning I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had pinkish cm. So I am guessing that my AF is going to be in full blow by this evening. Even though I never spot before af, since my cycles have been kinda werd I never now. So I am guessing that af will be in full swing this evening. I hope everyone has a great day.



    WANNA – Your chart looks great, have you tested?



    One of my good friends, who is 2 yrs older than me, and whose hormone tests weren’t nearly as good as mine, just called to say she is pregnant after IUI #2 with my doc. I start my 1st IUI cycle later this month. So, we will see…. I’m praying Nov is all our months!


    ooh i didnt no there was a ttc forum lo hi ladies
    AF was due on the 1st feb but she aint here yet iv been up feeling sick all night slepping loads and my appetite has increased i just feel hungry all time and my boobs are a little sore. do you think its 2 early and im just thinking about all this stuff because AF is late ?



    We have got our 7th and 8th BFP this good and we need more.



    WOW… I am so excited to have such a big group of testing buddies this time around. Lets hope for every single one of us to have a BFP.. Now wouldnt that be something. After all the world does work in mysterious ways. Praying for all of you ladies.. I will def be keeping you all posted!


    Congratulations mummyrocks and angmich! Wow 2 more BFPs!



    Awww Lawwa- I love weddings.I am sure you are going to have a really special one. I am checking out the website


    3 weeks at most…



    @ ajoke it started on the 13th and still going,i have a doc apt in 2 weeks.



    I’m so upset….I thought I was preggo this week…I’m 5 days late for my period and 4 tests came back negative….with my first pregnancy it took one month, my second took 3 mths, my 3rd took 2 mths(which I ended up losing). I feel discouraged and worried. I am 32 and I don’t want it to take forever.

Viewing 15 posts - 86,356 through 86,370 (of 131,346 total)

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