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    baby4soontobe~~again, congrats!!!!!



    Wow.. ladies, I am excusing myself from the board.. I guess maybe this is why I normally keep to myself and not join in on the board here.. If someone is making this stuff up it is truly a shame.. Good luck to all of us ladies who are really trying to conceive and good luck to all you lovely ladies who are truly pregnant! I think you guys are truly amazing.. and I wish all of you the best!



    the prev msg wen i said dh said oh no about seeing it – by it i mean the brown cm on my panties…..hope that makes more sense!



    Could be AF Excited (I dug up some info on it when I had the same thing last month) – though early pregnancy does lead to more CM. Just wait a couple more days and test 🙂 Good luck!


    brit..I would wait a few more days and then test again!


    I have two boys and when we FINALLY really start TTC we are going to work on a girl….something tells me I will have another boy. We have a joke b/c with my last pregnancy I released three….yes THREE eggs so we say with our luck we will end up with triplet boys. I’ll take whatever as long as its a healthy TERM pregnancy (no more preemies at our house!)



    Wow, I just flashed back to your BFP from early 2009 Coco – I am stuck in IAP nostalgia this week! lol!



    oh and of course the sure fired way of just guessing when O is! lol



    I’m going to try and hold out testing until I miss AF (due Nov 9)…we’ll see if I can wait that long! If I start feeling symptoms I may test early but if I keep feeling like this I won’t test until AF is late.



    8DPO here too!



    petuniabeth – I would test with FMU tomorrow or the next day how many dpo are you?



    Excited…..What DPO are u?


    So i was walking with my kids and i swear i smelt weird things!!! I could smell old grapes on a vine and then i smelled a mexican soup lol! My step mom was like your weird!! Hmm i hope this is a sign.



    Morning Ladies…..I’m so tired….I have no energy I think Im gunna leave early, plus I keep getting these sharp pains in my vagina. They are nothing new I had them earlier on in my cycle.



    Hey ladies! I’m 9 weeks but I like to come back and check on you ladies. I keep hoping I won’t see any names I recognize cause that will mean you moved on to the pregnancy pages… Good luck to any of you ladies testing soon. I hope this is your month!!

Viewing 15 posts - 86,521 through 86,535 (of 131,346 total)

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