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    Ok kathy i wont. Im gonna drink my prenatal vitamin and then not drink anything until after i test. Im sorry that you have pain. I always get painful cramps the first two days af arrives.



    LMAO!!! alaina!!! That is hilarious!!! My OH actually shocked me the other day because I was ready to BD and he wasnt in a mood (very rare occasion) so I said we had to if we want to make a baby. He just said, but your not even ovulating yet. And I said I might have Od early. So he said, why, did your temps go up? I was just speechless. He actually listens to what I tell him!!!



    14 dpo today, af should be here tomorrow. i’m praying she dont come and i can say i got my bfp, i am patiently waiting dbf think i might be. but i dont wanan say i am and i’m not.



    Trying for 1 more could this be an infection, or the blood thats giving off the odour x generally CM should be odourless xx As for your cervix I wouldnt have a clue Im not sure how to even check mine lol xxx



    CPalmer – they happen all along the Atlantic coast, but are usually pretty minor – like this one was. Nothing compared to some parts of the world!



    Thanks Randalynn!



    MF, i would bd every day until the opk starts going light again then just every second day for a little while after.. remember to elevate hips for 20min+ or sleep with it in all night. do your pelvic floor muscle excersises to have your cervix move in a way that compliments the movement of the sperm….goodluck!!



    TTC.our.first -I think that was Donna1981 that got the BFP! 🙂


    owens- well I took a test the 26th after the bleeding had stopped and it was BFN. So i figured we lost it.


    Im feeling a bit nauseous today and very tired..also cramping a bit..think im very close to ovulating 🙂 more Bding tonight!!



    wannabemum: I had been starting to research Vitex (chasteberry) to help regulate fertility hormones. I had been taking B6, B12 and E to help my luteal phase length (it did not seem to have much effect on luteal phase, but hey, I’m still preggo!) … The FertilAid I always see advertised on top of the forum contains vitex, B6, 12 and E, so it seems to be a ‘cover all’ – vitamins certainly can’t hurt! I’ve been taking regular prenatals since I was pregnant with my son.



    Hello ladies!!! Haven’t been on in awhile; been trying to relax more and have fun with DH this cycle. Congrats to all the BFP’s!!!! Enjoy it ladies!!!
    CD16 for me, I believe I am now in the 2 ww!!!!!



    this may be a wierd question, but does anyone know if Evening Primrose Oil can make you spot???? i started taking it yesturday and today i started spotting?


    weird..that was me who just posted that …



    Thanks youngmommy! looks like i wnt be testing today after all haha

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