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    Kristy~it’s been exactly 7days I remember now that I talked to DH about it he reminded me that I did have horrible abdominal cramping w/my son so badly I’d wake up in the middle of the night almost in tears…and that’s what it feels like but still hard to tell if they’re cramps from implantation or menstrual cramps u know?



    hey CPalmer – I’m back! lol, you don’t need three temp shifts, you need two temp shifts creating three levels of temps overall: 1. your pre ovulation temps (SHIFT) 2. your post ovulation temps (SHIFT) 3. Your third (triphasic) temp level, and new plateau, a good indicator of a possible pregnancy 🙂 Your chart will look a bit like a stair case when it’s triphasic, like yours appears to be. Looking good my dear!



    Well ladies, hubby is on his way home so I might not get on the rest of the night. I’ll try to check in tomorrow cause I’ll probably be bored at my in-laws. lol…but HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone celebrating tomorrow. I’m not testing tomorrow but I’m going to test again Friday. Congrats to all the recent BFPs! I hope to join you guys within the week!


    Yay !!!! I hope so and in the next few days please : )



    I am on CD 50 still no AF and still BFN as of yesterday!!! I am now 2 weeks late for my AF, not sure what is going on….it is so frustrating!!!


    Hello Cpalmer- Yep im back in the game. I have never charted my temps or anything before thats why I asked the stupid question yesterday lol. Any new BFPs???



    crazyfornumber3…as a hairstylost, I can answer your question with 100% honesty. I have done a TON of research on this subject and coloring your hair is totally safe…BUT, if you are using home color to do your roots with, you may want to consider splurging for the pregnancy and going to the salon. For one, home colors are very strong and designed to work…also, as you leak out more and more HCG into your hair, the harder and harder it is to get predictable results with color! I always recommend that my clients go with lots of foil hilights while preggers cuz the chemicals don’t ever touch the skin, which can all of a sudden become more sensitive AND, you can go longer between services. Other than that…color away…as long as your aren’t using bleach ever 3-4 weeks, you are totally fine!


    Im 10dpo today and my temp dropped but its still a bit early for AF unless she comes early – Im hoping AFstays away for you D and you get a BFP



    hoping tonight i can bd with the dh and lets hope a baby comes out of it the dh wantes to have a another baby so bad so i guess ill see come mid dec






    I think I am just getting so down on the ttc thing atm. I didn’t know it at the time, but the night I conceived DD#1 we were out and received the news that my SIL was pg again(she couldn’t even look after her first kid). I was absolutely gutted, we had been ttc for years, I had to hold back the tears as we were out with friends, but when we got home I burst out crying. That night I did in fact conceive and SIL later had a mc. So maybe you are right and maybe things will work out!!!



    aww wanting 🙂 hang in there, just know that its all for the most precious gift ever at the end 🙂



    goodluck to all the friday testers, theres defo a few of u, babydust!



    Laura- always regular? It may be that you’re missing your Ovulation if you haven’t used OPK or other means of checking your ovulation. I would say try the OPK and start peeing on them about cycle day 12, you may have to do it for 2 weeks in a row every day to see what day you O on. Because normally women get their AF 14 days after O (refered to as a Latual phase LP) but sometimes it’s less then 14 days and can be anywhere from 10-16 days which is why on a 30 day cycle you may not O until Cycle day 20 and because you expect it to be 14 days before (cycle day 16) you may miss the fertile window. does that make sense?



    cd9 here, we bd last night, and are going to til like next weekend and hope it works

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