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    Hey ladies ive currently just started trying for our second child and im on my 3rd month of chlomid. anyone else out there on clomid?? I conceived my daughter in the first month after taking clomid.



    its still early eeyore. implantation at 6-10 maybe you havent even implanted yet



    Morning ladies! You have all been busy chatting I see. Welcome to any newbies, I hope your stay is short. dmmarinewife- lmfao!!!!



    cd10 here and NO sign of ovulation! =(


    CD 1 🙁 Onto cycle 5 of trying…..


    Okay ladies take a look!



    mommy to abi- you never know!!!!



    good luck LC!!



    amw- no…



    well i havent been on in awhile. sorry. i have gotten bfns. BUT i habe a horrible taste in my mouth i was a hot mess all day crying over nothing i am having CRAZY dreams waves of nasuea in the evenings….i dunno. i start to be ok with a bfn but then another symptom reminds me that deep down it will bother meif i get af



    damnkat, glad everything went okay! I’ve been thinking of you. Congrats to any BFP’s I missed yesterday! Duffy, I think you were one! 🙂 yay! Well, I am officially waiting on the call with my blood results, nauseous!



    jimsbaby and mamakristen, thank you both for your kind words and support on my blog. It is wonderful friendships that you develop through this forum that keeps me going. Goodluck to both of ya’ll and God Bless.



    lilpa – I am so glad that you staying with us!!!! You deserve that BFP and you will get it!! ladyA – People can be so immature at times… and for someone who is 16…. to say something like that! crazy… ignore it! mommytoabi 0- great numbers hun!! So excited for you!!! So I am 2-3 DPO… this wait is going to suck… I already have a feeling tat this wont be our month… all the bad luck we have had this past week and idk just a gut feeling 🙁



    Well ladies.. I am off.. Boss is letting me leave early today (YAY 2 hours early) Still no show of AF so I will test in the morning if she is still a no show



    Hey ladies! So I have a confusing dilemma. Sorry in advance if TMI…but, AF is expected soon if she isn’t already late…? I didn’t track my cycle last month, due to just wanting to let conception happen naturally (if I was lucky enough). I’m sure shes coming, as my bbs have been massively sore for the past week or so as usual, when AF is coming. I’ve also been having the back pain off and on since yesterday. IDK if she’s late or not, but she hasn’t showed yet. But here’s the thing. I wiped last night and there was a tiny bit of discoloration, and then nothing. So I put on a panty liner, and when I checked the liner today, I have colored discharge that appears to be a brownish color. BUT every time I wipe, there’s no brownish color. So I tried to use a qtip and it was clear as ever. So then I wiped around the labia and got a bit of the color. It’s almost as if I’m secreting the color….odd. And I have no infections or anything, so that’s even more confusing. And more, when I wiped this morning, CM seemed to be dry or clumpy, but there was one spot that was I stretched it through my fingers and it was stringy EWCM. I’m sooo confused!

Viewing 15 posts - 88,216 through 88,230 (of 131,346 total)

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