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    CD6… 1 more day with af.. then I’m kicking her out!! :0P



    Smith can you upload a picture? I would be a bit skeptical if the clear blue is negative and the cheapies are positive. 🙁 I prefer FRER versus a digital because you can still see the faintest of the faintest positive. Maybe try one of those with FMU and if it’s negative, then the cheapies must be evaps. Fingers crossed!



    Kerriann…how long are your cycles normally? Good luck for this month! I am still of work sick…booooo. Any tips on spicing up BD? My DBF said a little while ago I put too much pressure on him and was a sex pest (lol) so I stopped asking…and now he does all the asking…sexy underwear isn’t worth it because it never stays on long enough and he says he prefers me without…also I’m hoping to O this weekend with clomid and I need to make sure we BD without the screaming ‘WE HAVE TO BD OTHERWISE WE’LL MISS THE BOAT!!!’



    Thanks lilpigz…that’s reassuring too! Yes…my daughter is the same way with my son…she’s always snapping pics of the 2 of them and using them as her profile pic on FB! She has barely spoken to me today and avoiding me like the plague! I’m going to wait til she lets it sink in a bit before I have a talk with her.



    lisaj-That sounds right to me. When I was preg with my daughter that is all I had from 6 weeks on!!!! Thick white and creamy is a good descripion for me! haha!



    Currently 6 dpo. I hate the TWW! Looking at the calendar and I’m going to try to hold off testing until May 1, if AF doesn’t show her head sooner. That would put me at 12 dpo. My luteal phase is normally only about 10 days, so normally AF would come before then but I’ve read that Clomid often lengthens a short LP, so wait and see. Of course, if I start to FEEL pregnant, I might cave in and test early.



    i have a ? when you get a +ve OPK how long do you usually get a +ve? cuz the past three mornings its been +ve. in fact its darker then the control line. and mine are the same as waht your saying, vertically its darker on one side of the line. but im just wondering if im supposed to get that many +ve or what



    Hopeful I’m ok thank u just really really wanting a bfp like everyone else in here lol xx



    Bex, na I never get sick havnt been sick in years . Na iv got 1 more ill save for in a few days.. Thanks lc, I hate weekends hope you have a good one x



    Ya welcome kitty xx



    bennab – I think I’m in the same boat as you. I’m bnot sure what to do either. I’m trying to wait and see…



    keegansmoomy 😉 sticky baby dust and I can’t wait to hear you got your BFP



    thanks Tabs, good luck to you too! and alicia, i got a BFP 9dpo with ruby so you never know! i see you’re holding out on testing for the next few days, i would be feeling so anxious if i were you!



    Terrian- yeah that was my plan too. As of next week on the 15th it will be 5 1/2 weeks since I began spotting after plan b so if I haven’t had af..ill test then.. if its negative then ill go make an appt with the see what’s going on with my body!


    GoodLuck Sweetie 🙂 I cant wait to start testing..have a good feeling about this month 🙂 only on CD5 though so going to start testing for ovulation on mon or tues..and then loads of BDing..which my partner is looking forward to hehe!

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