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    hey ladies, added 3 pics of this mornings test, if yall could look at them. its test 3-25 pic 1 test 3-25 pic 2 and test 3-25 pic 3. Thanks!



    So far, so good. I took my 5th and final dose of Clomid last night and I go in for my ultrasound next Tuesday, Nov. 3rd. It will actually be day 14 of my cycle, so I’m going to take opk’s starting on day 10 just in case I o on my own before I go in.



    Well I got my first AF post miscarriage, and ladies….seriously it was way worse than the miscarriage itself! Caught me off guard too. I am never really crampy nor a heavy bleeder, but this time yuck yuck yuck! I am going to give my body one more cycle to get normal, and in the mean time eat really well and exercise. Gotta lose the stress weight I gained from the M/c. Hoping to be PG soon!! It is very emotional! Sorry for the BFN there have been…time for a baby explosion!



    Hello Ladies!me and my partner having been talking about baby no2. i wasn’t 100% sure about it but now i’m getting a bit more excited with the idea.Should i just stop the pill and see what happens?or should i do the planning properly and check for ovulation and all that?



    Lovely37, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully your spotting was in fact implantation bleeding. Sorry to the ladies who had AF make an appearance. Stupid witch. Loraclacey, I hope the doctors can get your tests done quickly. At least if it is PCOS, it is usually pretty straightforward to treat.



    Tabs to be honest I couldn’t wait that long to tell him coz he’d be at work id just end up messaging him haha coz I couldn’t keep it in haha I really wanna do something sweet but, he likes he beer so I could tap it to a stubby but then he’d proberly freak out coz iv pee’d on it lmao



    Woohoo, the postman’s in the street – hope he’s got my new tests! At the very least, I hope he’s got my new bank card and PIN number ;] lol



    hoping – his little brother haha thats funny. i know my 2 dogs get along so well i have a yorkie and a lab mix and the lab mix thinks shes the yorkies baby or something its really cute they are my furry babies


    Well, I feel a bit low 🙁 CD16 today but it’s not looking like I’ll be O this month 🙁 I’m thinking I might stop trying for a few months if I don’t get a BFP this month and work on fully weening my daughter. This would have been a good month for my BFP as the next 2 are already a bit more full. Oh well 🙁 Its a bit sad as this is month 6 of trying. I’d had such plans! It’s so hard sometimes to realize I don’t have all the control and Jesus knows best.



    mayb try another test alicia



    Alohamom, you cracked me up with your comment about hubby telling his swimmers to hang around and play until the beach ball shows up. Great to see that you are both maintaining your sense of humor. Fingers crossed for you that the temperature dip is due to implantation. Happypumpkin, sorry to hear about AF showing and that you are feeling so down about it. We’ve been trying for over 2 years now and some months hit me harder than others. Laura, hoping that you get a nice dark second line when you test again. As for me, I’m estimating that I’m 9 dpo and I don’t have any symptoms yet that I’m pregnant or that AF is coming. Going to hold off on testing until at least 11 dpo and possibly until I start my holidays from work, which is this Friday. Working 12 hour shifts should keep my mind occupied in the meantime.



    Hi Ladies quick question for anyone who can tell me. AF is due this saturday (hoping she stays away) I took a HPT yesterday and BFN but I know that was too soon. When should I take the test. I believe I O on 10/24 thanks for the help! Baby dust to all xoxo


    hi ladies! I have a question. My last AF was 5-13 and my next AF is due on 5-10 or 5-11, however I was feeling really week this week so I decided to poas on Monday and it came back BFP but it was faint. I poas two more times yesterday and those both were BFP and then I took another this morning and it also was a BFP and was a little darker. I called my docs office to see if they would order a blood test to confirm pregnancy, but they want to see me. I am going in tomorrow and I was just wondering is it too soon to go in to confirm pregnancy? Should I wait till AF is a no show? I would only be a little over 3weeks if I am indeed pregnant.



    I just dont understand why its so low. What could have possible made this happen?



    CD11 for me and I see me estrogen surge soon then about 2 days later my LH surge. So I sould have it this weekend. DH is ok (even though he would rather not) with the Dr saying to wait a day after I see me lh surge and he said maybe we should bd every other day till I have my surge. LOL dH tried to get in all the missed times he would miss this week in the last 3 days lol So he was super tired this morning and didn’t want to get up hehehe.Oh Ya ugly pj’s didn’t help lol

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