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    ref – congrats!! Colleen – I’m sorry about AF. At least you are all stocked up for next cycle. CD11 here for me, but still getting negative OPKs. Hopefull I’ll get my + soon.


    Cherrybom~ This is my 5th month of TTC…. I know for a fact Im officially nuts. I told my hubby that this is becoming to much for me and that I don’t want to TTC anymore… He said he doesn’t want to stop. Im so sure, if he was the one going through half the crap I had to do (checking CM, CP, BBT) then he would of quit after the first BFN….



    Just joined fertility friend…we are ttc, this will be our 4th month trying, just ovulated so i am now at the tww, hopefully this will be our lucky month as my little girl was also conceived in January….



    good morning ladies 🙂 a bit tired today, hope ur all doing great?!



    Okay so I’m 12dpo (i think) and have feeling like AF is coming for over a week now. I have cramps and get little nauseous spells here and there. AF is due on Monday according to a perfect cycle…I’m not sure how many days my cucles are because I just got done nursing DS and got off the pill in December. I took a cheap HPT today (the 25 for like $5.00) tests! BFN of course. I have a few First Response tests but want to wait until AF is due…. here’s hoping that I can put off testing until Tuesday. Probably not! LOL!



    sarahj….go to the dollarstore and buy as few tests so u can start testing on the 21st lol its possible to get a pos that soon 🙂



    Crazy you are crazy!~~~~ B*F*P~~~~YAY crazy!!!!



    Oh my gosh D!!!!!! YAAAYYYY!!!!! How exciting!!!! Congrats to you! I’m heading over to see your pic right now!!!!!



    Ok ladies quick question for you. I purchased a BD Basal Dig Thermometer and have been using it for 5 days now and all but my second day have read 36.7 the second day read 36.9. Now I used a reg therm last time and it was is f not c. So according to the sheet with the new one I have 98 and one 98.5. My temp average last time was around 96.4. Now I have 2 nights of my provera left so could it be that AF is near? Can anyone tell me where I can chart this so it might make more sense?



    hoping- have you tried different possitions? That might help? Also try just inserting one finger as it may go further? Other wise it maybe that your fingers are too short.



    LKdream- HPT test yesterday morning, I can’t afford to keep buying them!!! AHH!! 😛



    i added u wanna :)…..i hope lol



    Well I’ve been up since 3am, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I figured I’d go check out the two week wait symptoms for someone who is pregnant. After reading some of the stories I decided heck I’ll test again this morning. Another negative 🙁 At the moment I just want AF to get here. So I can start a new cycle. Well 5:30am for me gonna try to get more sleep while I can


    Good morning ladies. How is every one? What did i miss?



    Thats great Angela!!!! I would test tomorrow again 🙂 Congrats !!!

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