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    with my first son he just kinda happened, and my second son i got prego when on the suger pills part of the bc, this one is completely gonna be planned but ive never planned a baby b4 so im unsure!



    i bled a lil when i ovulated this month does that make your chances of getting implantation bleeding higher….



    What’s bbt and soft cups?



    milliesmummy- sneak another one in, just for good measure!!!!!



    @ 2012bean (aka hoping) -> I have not made an appointment as I called the Dr.’s office last week and it is almost a months wait. So I am going to go to the local walk in clinic here and see a Dr. and ask for him to send me for an u/s. My Dr. office agreed with me on this as they are all part of the same team. So I just have to find the time to be able to go and wait to see a Dr. I will keep you posted for sure. I have some things to do today and it is going to be a hot one. We are expecting to see temps of 34 c before the humidex close to 45 with. We put our A/C in last night. For anyone who works in f that is 93.2 with out and about 114 with.



    clara – don’t give up hope! I used a FRER yesterday and got a BFN.. then tested this morning with a clear blue digital and got my BFP – so there is still hope – good luck!! x



    cd 35 here and af did not show but still in the chance of shwing up withing the next 15 days!!! 15 more days to do a hpt.



    Remembering the little baby I lost 2 years ago today x



    Well had a miscarry may 10 and just took a preg test today and I got positives. I was barely 5 weeks with my miscarriage so I’m really scared now. I can’t and don’t want to loose another. So pray for me ladies I dont miscarry again. Baby dust to all you ladies.



    I thought you couldn’t buy Pre-seed in the stores?


    CONGRATULATIONS Bean6667, that is such exciting news! Heres to a very happy and healthy 9 months for you!!!



    oh yes…the TTC amnesia…. I think we all get it from time to time…THANK HEAVENS!! HAHA!


    exclusive- YAY!!!! Congrats sweetie!!



    I just posted a ‘False Positive Blog’ – my response to frustration that POAS website is GONE! Boo hoo! … Boyoboy intrigued me about starting a new Pee Stick info and test result site… I need more on places to go to start a web page. I had been using one free site, but it was too complicated – I am familiar with some web design stuff, but only from an actual program called FrontPage… not so good with web pages you design from a website 🙁 Anyone have suggestions on where to go to create a ‘creator friendly’ webpage that will allow me to link page to page would be appreciated! … some people read, paint or watch tv as a hobby… I research!



    A ttc, I was just thinking about how this has been the longest month! This is my 1st month ttc and usually my weeks fly by but man its dragging lol! Ugh I have what I think is psorisis on my hands and it kept me up most of the night itching! I hate it! Ran out of the med for it!

Viewing 15 posts - 88,666 through 88,680 (of 131,346 total)

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