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    Yeah I started that during the end of my 2nd month TTC when I realized it wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought lol



    I think u O when ur temp goes up. Because u o’d, progesterone is released, and that is what I believe causes ur spike in bbt…I think, but I’m still new to this, but that’s how I understood it to be. My I calandra says I should o on cd 16 and my last cycle that was the exact day my bbt spiked…



    I am on CD 3, so counting down to when I can start BDing again. The OH has decreed he is willing to BD every day..if we must. Apparently it is a sacrifice he is willing to make lol


    My Introduction- My name is obviously Brittany, but I really prefer Bri. DH name is Jason. Our daughters are Natalie and Charlotte. I also have an angel named Addisyn whom I lost at 19 weeks from a previous relationship. DH and I have had 3 other losses. (Chrissy, I also noted that TTCAL was barren so I came here. There used to be a group on FB but I left after drama and am unsure if it even still exists. But there is another group I am in and it seems much better, and many of us ladies have had multiple losses) ANYWAYS, We live in Good Ol’e Ohio (I hate it here!) We used to live in North Carolina and I miss it so much. I am a birth and newborn photographer. but plan on going to nursing school then eventually become a midwife. I am all about pregnancy and birth and study and research everything religiously. Haha.



    some people can feel when they O by the cramping. Not always going to be the same side either. I didn’t used to realize the O cramps until I was charting things and found that I felt them and it matched up with my O time. I learn more about my body each cycle that goes by :0P Also if you have a dollar store where things are $1 a piece you can get opks there. They’re just as reliable as any other opk. Then you can only buy what you want/need.



    Sher – I had no idea when I started with checking my CM and cervix positioning, but it’s something I got better with the more I did it. Maybe you can check consistently, and get the hang of the differences? I just know that the times I got pregnant, it was when I had the egg white CM.



    Thanks in advance if you can check out the new video I put up…this one is a pink dye test. Justine, i know you’ll get a kick out of this, haha. You have to wait a bit for it to finish processing, it’s still grainy on youtube.



    hello ladies am just gonna let you know what worked for me to get pregnant 3 times, I got two girls and am pregnant now am nearly 13 weeks, I sincerely hope you all get pregnant soon, when me n my hubby plan to have a baby we make love every 2 days through out the whole month so once I finish my period we make love every two days for till the end of the month, I also start taking folic acid once I decide I want to get pregnant till I get pregnant and till baby is 12 weeks. this works for me and I hope it does for you. I know a lot of ppl have sex b4 ovulation and after but trust me having sex every 2 days through out the whole month increases ur chances and also start taking folic acid if u havnt started taking them.
    best of luckx


    For those hoping for/getting their BFPs, are you going to tell your family right away? And do you want to find out the sex of your baby when the time comes? This time around I am going to wait as long as possible before telling anyone. I think it would be kind of fun to let them figure it out! I am also determined to NOT find out the sex of the baby – I think it would be a unique experience to find out what sex the baby on the day they are born!


    Thanks nicolemarie 🙂 That’s reassuring. We are trying not to focus too much on ttc and hoping it will just happen when we least expect it, but every month I get symptoms and get so close to testing only for AF to arrive! So annoying that a lot of my AF symptoms are similar to pregnancy symptoms!


    ladies could you check out my blog titled so weird…I need some insight about whats going on…I would really apprecite it!!!



    I expected AF on thursday. I average a 28 day cycle, but looking back, it was more often 26 or 27 days. But I have had 30 day cycles also. And after my MC, it took 39 days to start the next cycle. So maybe I’m thrown off. And if I’m gearing up to ovulate on CD 31, there is something wrong. So AF has to just be being a giant bitch. I’m so frustrated trying to figure out what is going on.



    I have to agree aselleck. I doubt he would want you to do that to him.



    It’s been busy in here today. Didn’t get on at all except for this morning and had to go back a page to read all the comments. Nothing new for me to report. I am pretty sure I’m out but still have a few days for AF to show so we will see. If I conceive next cycle I will be close to my birthday. Not sure how I feel about that.



    Good luck Heather & Midwest – keep the faith! There’s still a chance you will get a BFP…I think maybe it’s just a lil too soon..? Midwest – my bbs were sore from ovulation & even past, which was not normal for me if i wasn’t prego…so you just never know! Good luck to everyone about to test soon…lots of baby dust!

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