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    What’s more sensitive a dollar store new choice test or frer? I think I might have got a bfp on dollar store test it’s faint but came up as soon as the test got wet and it’s still there now a couple hours later. I did a frer and it looks neg to me do I have to wait a couple days to get a poss frer? I will post my dollar store test in the pregnancy photo book.



    thank you



    Thanks everyone! Good luck to all of you waiting to see if this is your month! Truckinmama– Do you track ovulation or anything? I was (I thought) 8 days late before I got a positive test with my older DS. When I had my first u/s it turned out I had actually ovulated a week late so I was only 1 day late.



    he has a few times b4….



    So AF is due tomorrow and I’m going to test for the first time this cycle! I need to know before we go on holiday tomorrow!! I have no cramps and I always cramp before AF! Nervous not sure if I’m going to sleep tonight! Wish me luck!!



    Annie, it doesn’t matter when you come off the pill, however, technically you don’t have a period while taking the pill (I call it a period too because people don’t know the difference) it’s actually withdrawal bleedings. You can expect to get one about 4 days after you go off the pill, after that you should expect an actual real period to show up anywhere from 2 weeks after the withdrawal bleed to up to 3 months. I’m in the same boat. I just quit my bc. I think I may be starting my withdrawal bleed and I’m hoping my body gets back to normal very quickly and I can start trying right away. I really really don’t want to be one that has to wait 2 or 3+ months to start having regular cycles again. I’m hoping the same for you too. Baby dust to you!



    Thank you all. I just found out I need a d&c after all. Going in the morning to get it over with. I had really hoped my body would be healing now but I knew with my luck it wouldn’t. I woke up with contractions this morning and knew something was wrong.



    Hey California – when your OPKs are going from light to dark, do they ever get to true positive? I know LH can really fluctuate when still breastfeeding, as does the hormone prolactin – which may inhibit ovulation, even though you come really close with the LH ‘almost’ surging to positive.



    Hi ladies!! I check back every now and then to see if there are any bfp’s and I’m sending you all as much baby dust as I can!! I had my first prenatal appt today (9w2d’s along) and everything seems ok, I haven’t had any bleeding since my first scare, thankfully. I also haven’t gained any weight…yay!! Lol I’m hoping to not gain more than about 35lbs. But on a crappy note…I’m still looking for a job! *sigh* of course right?!?….why would things be smooth and stress free for me…it never has before! Anywhoo…I’m really just trying to enjoy this experience the best I can. But I hope all you ladies are doing well and there are some bfp’s soon!



    (((((((Kayce))))))) Your angel will watch over you.



    Sher-baby- Glad to hear all is good with you and the baby and things with DH are going good too!



    welp i’m sitting here looking at another BFN…… I’m calling the ob tomorrow for a blood test i’m so bummed!!!



    I know it is sad but as I said before when we were trying for our 1st we did it 4-7 times a day!!!! LoL! I know it seems crazy now!! (I was 23 and so was hubby!) That was a few years ago and w/o a toddler! We have BDed for 4 days at it seems like we have dont it for a month! :/ LoL! We are sturggling with our 4 days this week, we couldnt do it 6 days! Sad…I know! Hubby works all the time, Mon-Sat, 7:30-5 (or 5:30 sometimes) and he is tired. Ugh…! We did it right around ovluation that goodness!



    so sorry sarah



    RainbowRach – I am sorry for that but I think this is time for us to get our BFPs.

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