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    wish i was ttc with you all…hubby says he doesnt want anymore kids which is killing me because i come from a large family and want lots of children, we already have 2, i would be willing to settle with just one more but he says we cant handle it…we both have very good jobs, a house, 2 nice new vehicles, lots of good family and friends around..neither of our jobs are going anywhere anytime soon so i dont understand…i think he is just being selfish, especially since he told me before we got married that the amount of children we have is up to me……im so sad about this, i love haveing babies!!!



    Hey dec!!! How are you?? My LO is almost 6mo too! Sept 20th he’ll be 6mo, born March 20th. When did u have your lil one? I’m not exclusively BF’ing but I haven’t gotten my period yet, HOWEVER….I did bleed for 12weeks straight PP!!!….that was annoying but my dr didn’t seem worried. Your trying again for number 10?!?!….girl, your good!!! LOL I don’t know if DH and I will ttc anytime soon….right now it’s really exhausting with the 2 I have!…I know, ONLY 2!! Lol but dang!!!! I’m beat most days!!! I have taken random OPK’s and they’ve all been super neg. so I’m pretty sure I’m not O’ing yet anyways



    yay! Brilliant news Lucky!!! well done x



    so is it normal to have an estrogen surge after you O??



    mrsg22tx – it certainly seems like you covered all the bases!!!! I am now CD8 but hubby is on a set of nights shifts and I work days so ti’s not conducive to us getting an early start on the BDing – stupid shift work lol!!!
    I hope you get your BFP!!!!



    Whittysmith-Drinking is Fine. I was on a 9 day cruise drunk off my ass all 9 days and never got rid of my sea legs and found out a few weeks later i was pregnant. The first 8 days is implanting. I was so scared something would be wrong with my baby and my dr said he would be fine. And he was. I am not telling you to get wasted but if my baby was fine ur baby should be fine with 1 glass. lol! Good luck!!!

    My question is. After BF a baby well he still is at 24 months and my period just came back jan 1st will be period be all messed up for a while? Thanks Girls!!!



    TOOK ANOTHER TEST ON SATURDAY…… and I still had a faint line!!!!! Going to the doc on Friday! Guess that we will see! Wish me luck Ladies we are praying that this is finally our BFP. Baby dust!


    Di she told me nothing about follicles & the monitor wasn’t turned to me so i couldn’t c a thing. I asked her though if i had mature follicles & she said yes and on both ovaries. I also asked it there was anything bad & she said no everything looks good. O the report t did say i have a 8.2mm nabothian cyst in the cervical area. It also said i have at least four follicular cyst seen in each ovary.



    it is near watsonia, we have a house already lined up for us hopefully it won’t fall through.



    I’ve got a question for everyone: When you BD, do you have a certain schedule? Like every other day all month, or only during your ‘fertile days’ or just whenever you want and hope for the best?
    I’m thinking im going to try doing the every other day… but that just seems like so much! i just dont want to miss my O…



    well, i have to go make tea now! so, ggod luck rach, hopefully speak before you tell me you have a bfp!! and good luck and babydust to everyone else :0)



    Lots of us in the 2nd half of the 2WW! Don’t lose hope with BFNs – more and more lately I have seen women have to wait until 12 – 14 DPO before they get their BFP. Anyone up to anything interesting today?



    ok me back girlies I was just dancing w my DD and got dizzy and tired…I’m back is killing me..lots of cm..and I think I have a slight stabbing pain in my right side…or Im just imagining it. Well I dont tell my Dh any symptoms cuz Im always wrong. I havent told any that leaves u girls..u guys dont mind hearing it right? even if next week Im totally wrong and get a BFN 🙁



    lol diane! be sure to post pictures! i bet they r adorable 🙂



    Very well put rylansmommy! I love guaranteed times with my family. Best of luck and enjoy your vacation!

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