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    dsquared…robitussin without any letters following it, is supposed to increase ewcm.



    Be careful…they are addicting… :o)


    Hi dsquared!



    I call it a BFP! Congrats 1mommyto2!



    alright – signing myself up for the Dec BFP group – I wanna be a member…. won’t be testing till at least 1/2 way through the month – but hoping this month is the one!!!



    ONLYONEILL>.>>thanks alot atleast i have an idea of what to expect now.



    The love part you will love both of them evenly as they are both your children. It maybe the attention you pay to them that will be hard. but you will learn how to juggle and work out a routine to spend time with each of them



    It’s 3:46am here in Alberta. Hubby and I were at my MIL yesterday with the kids, and didn’t get home til 730. My 8.5 month old son feel asleep in the car and didn’t wake up when I tried to wake him up for supper (he usually has supper at 6pm) and so I just took him to bed. So he woke up just 45minutes ago and was STARVING. So I got up and fed him and now he is crawling around playing with his toys. Just waiting for him to get tired again. Serves me right for ignoring his schedule. Oh well, I don`t mind being up. It is quiet with the older two fast asleep. And at this hour of the morning I don`t feel the urge to do housework of any kind;)



    buttons – don’t stress yourself there…. most babies are conceived with the mother not knowing…. so we get up to all sorts of things before pregnancy is confirmed… and some women even after…..
    I’m sure everything will be just fine 😉


    Whoo Hoo! CD16 and got my pos OPK this am (I work nights so it wasn’t a FMU) so I woke DH up (at 7:30 when I got home!) and told him we were having eggs for breakfast!! LOL. Sorry, I can’t help myself, as I find this whole TTC thing slightly amusing because I’ve never done this before. DH finds me quite entertaining and is always willing to make a ‘deposit’ when I ask for one!! Haha. So I guess that means I’ll BD for the next 3 days (including the one I just did. wink, wink.) and that will put me at 1DPO the day after tomorrow right? Since a pos OPK means I should O tomorrow? I’m feeling good!! I want a sitcky bean sooo bad!! Send me any left over baby dust please 🙂 Good luck to all you ladies as well. **Shake Shake**



    Wow Want2, you really have been through all the testing!! IUI is intrauterine insemination… or inter-uterine… not sure of the spelling! Thebigtomato can fill in the details on how it works! The doctor will basically inject your husband’s sperm directly into your uterus close to your tubes to give the best chance for fertilization to happen.



    peachesmommy that is such good news. I’m glad you are getting the support you need!



    LMAO you lot make me giggle :o) Trying ~ thanks for the advice, but I cant guarantee I will need to go around o’ing lol!



    We didn’t BD yesterday 🙁 Today I should ovulate. So better BD twice today to make up lol. Well we got a new bed today and it needs some help breaking it in! 🙂 I am proud that I have not stressed at all this cycle, no charts, kits, etc. And will only test if AF is a week late!



    but next month it changes to simmply calling them and chatting them

Viewing 15 posts - 88,951 through 88,965 (of 131,346 total)

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