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    Wow!! I have missed a lot of BFP’s!! Congratulations girls, soo happy for you all! Sending super glue (baby friendly of course) your way for some super extra sticky beans (8
    For those of us still TTC, as they say, ‘April showers bring May flowers’, so here’s to April BD’ing for lots of May BFP’s.


    I’m on the implant at the moment, so my periods are all over the place.. We are thinking of trying for another in about a years time when the implant is due out (and I will hopefully have found a job!) So my question is: If I don’t know when my periods are, I’m just going to have to BD lots?? Or is there another way?? Thanks people…



    just realised i don’t have any pregnancy tests =( i will have to wait till the ones i bought online turn up this week sometime… guess it prevents me from testing too early and going POAS crazy lol


    I wish I was testing on Christmas, but I finally got AF after what, 51 days! LOL…Yep she is def here. So good luck to the Christmas testers! Hope to hear lots of BFP! Hoping Santa comes to bring you all your BFP under the tree, *or on the bathroom counter* LOL

    I look foward to this next cycle, going to use the preconcieve and or BBT. WHen should i start charting my temp? Im on CD 2 right now. I can’t get the BBT till Friday, can I use a regular digital thermometer till i get the BBT?



    Yay af is gone!!! Hopefully that’ll be her last visit for awhile!



    Aw sarah im sure he will be supportive no matter what!



    That is unfortunate LadyG… I guess the insurance carrier has just had bad luck with law suits after VBAC gone wrong, and so they switched the policy to eliminate coverine them 🙁 My doctor will allow VBAC for me, but only if I have a 100% trouble free pregnancy (next time around)…. here in Canada things may be a little different… it seems though that each hospital no matter where you are int he world will have a different set of rules from the hospital in the next city over. If it is any consolation, I had an excellent recovery from my c-section, and despite needing physio for my back at the same time, I had a very fast recovery from the surgery. Try not to worry about what may be a negative aspect of your next pregnancy, and focus on all the good parts instead 🙂



    lol Vicki – ok sugar cooky castle it is! I just hope it works! ***collects all the ingredients and brings them to the computer***



    Diane, that is great news!!! I O’d on cd16 as usual, so today I am 4dpo.



    Congratulations to all the BFP’s :o) and Very Good Luck to all those who are testing in the next couple of days.




    I took a test today and got a faint pink line my AF is still 4 days away



    Oh, it’s on Discovery!



    my doc prescribed me prenatals right away when I mentioned TTC she said she recomends taking them at least 3 months prior to conception -over the counter prenatals would be fine I just wanted the same ones I took w/ my son as I didnt have any constipation issues w/ them!



    mrssmith600 – if AF is lighter then normal you might want to consider a HPT, I had two ‘periods’ the first trimester with my son and each time I bleed for about four days…freaked me out and sent me rushing to my OB/GYN, but all was well with my pregnancy. It’s possible to get pregnant during your period if you experience shorter cycles, the best way to find out when you ovulate is to use an OPK.



    Ok so i took the test…I knew i shouldn’t have, BFN!! Ugh i know i still have a chance it’s just upsetting. Im gonna wait till the 14th for sure!!!!

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