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    Proud…lol that’s a great idea!!!! Let us know how it turns out!



    i will ..thank u all so much for your help i would have been going crazy if it wernt for u all thank u an il pop on tomorrow after i got to the doctor an let u no how i went bye …xox



    ok so jst took my 4th OPK of the day – so 1st 1 is quite faint but ok…2nd 1 is barely there, 3rd is the same as he first, & the 1 iv jst took is like barely there again, WTH!! is this normal??!!!! i should hopefully be due to O anytime so why have I not had a + yet, im cd 13 so if i was gonna O tomorrow I woulda had a pos by now right? so even if I say get a + tomorrow that wil mean i prob wont O till Fri or Sat……….im really starting to wonder if i missed my surge on Sat when i didnt test…..that would have meant i would O today & iv had some O pains tonight…..hmmmm! not to worry we BDd today anyway….jst hope these darn things turn pos soon!!!!



    Oh and my period is due today and haven’t got it yet… It may be just late… But will let you know fingers crossed!



    momof2tobsoon~~lol!! OK, keep us posted!!!!!



    ok so i am new so i am sure people are going to jump on me for butting in but i think the pregnancy hormones are makin…i have to ask for the people saying this woman is faking pregnancy how do you know? this is the internet! did you do a pregnancy internet test on her? second if she really is why the person who had to point it out is a made up name? I dont know just bothers me as we are all suppose to be adults and this is very high schoolerish…(made up word…lol) and 3rd if someone is or was they have to live with that and guilt will get the best of them…well sorry for being all it but it bothered me…as alot of us come here to find a piece of mind and friendships not drama 😀 everyone have a blessed night



    TTC i was thinking that too…..but maybe im thinking too much into it…..!!! oh god please let it be implantation, pleeeeease! I need DI, where are you DI!!!!!!!



    Good Morning Ladies! My son won’t let me take the play phone he gave me away from my ear. If I do, he walks back over and pushes my hand back up…lol. Ugh, he got up bright and chipper at 5am….1 1/2 hours before I normally get up.



    I am on CD 16, but have ovulated as early as 9 dpo several times! Janinem- Good luck! 79 CDs!! Wow! Keep holding out! You can do it! I am not so strong lol



    Yea Preggers!!! I kinda wanna see if I can trick my brain into ‘unplanning’ I have this feeling that its going to take forever, and I don’t want to get stressed about it bcuz I know that will make it even more difficult.



    yes, I dont htink so either, but I was just trying to read up about ovulating late… so if I did then AF would be late right? So if I O anytime from 18th-20th then I wouldnt be due for AF, but Ive been on the pill and usually (even being missed) that should give me AF.. I have missed 2 days in a row before and AF came right on time.. Not to sure about the whole O process lol



    LOL @ brookesmom!



    crazyf… that does sound stressful… well done on keeping up! donna… they do sound like promosing symptoms if you od early… kepping my fingers crossed for you 😉 I am having a realy bad day in work today. I am an internal helpdesk for our office and I feel like everyone is so stupid today! I feel mean, because I like nearly everyone I work with but it gets so frustrating answering the same question over and over again. Sometimes they ask me questions and I just feel like saying Seriously? You have worked here for 5 years and dont know that? GGGGGRRRRR



    nic….I just found out about that….I like that too. I’m glad they do that now because it gives both parents time to bond not just the mother.


    I’m at my mil’s and I’m miserable. My back hurts, I’m tired, my joints are hurting and I just don’t like it here. Ugh I wanna go home.

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