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    Yup Jane – it can help create more sperm friendly mucous. If you tend to not produce much mucous at your fertile time, the guafenesin can possibly help. It does not have to be Robitussin – can be generic – as long as that ingredient is in it 🙂


    Thanks Jen + Poizineyevee 😀 Congrats loulou..happy + healthy 9 months to you!!! we only managed to BD twice last month aswell and I didn’t even OPK 😀



    morning girls. how is everyone? CD 16 here. I am hoping for a bfp this cycle. any new bfp’s?


    Haven’t been on in a while but just wanted to come and say congrats to all the BFP’s and congrats to LouLou on the twins!
    I have been having a bit of a rough time, I used up all 21 of my HPT’s I ordered 36 more a while ago but they still aren’t here yet. I know I am not pregnant though.. I haven’t ovulated or had an AF yet. Also still waiting on my vitex in the mail, SO frustrating!!



    well im on CD 31 and no AF in sight.. Im usually 28-29 days, but last month I was 34 days. I took a test sunday BFN, I took a test today and it was a faint positive. Im wondering If I should re-test or call my doctor? I have light cramping and sore BB’s….



    Congrats baby786 it’s always encouraging when bfp’s show up 🙂



    Is anyone else here Rh-negative?



    Mommy2aidan- I know what you mean about the test line being half and half and yes count it as pos!!! I still haven’t had a pos OPK, I’m on CD 20 and missed doing OPK’s on 18 and 19 so not really sure of anything this month.



    Cheeky- yes there is still a chance don’t give up hope at all!! Lots of HPTs won’t read positive until after AF is late. I took one this am and it was BFN and AF is due on sat or sun, so we are in the same boat! Have you noticed any other symptoms?



    3 DPO and still really cramping on my right side. Wonder what it means…anyone?


    Thanks in advance ladies. *I will warn you there maybe way TMI mentioned* I am at a loss after searching the internet for the last 6 hrs. What is known so far: ER-u/a +, Y/N blood test -, HCG beta not due back for a couple of days. I went in bleeding yesterday and since yestday I have barely needed 1 pad between then and now. As a matter of fact NO CRAMPING since briefly yestday morn and my original pg sx that I thought were gone the last couple of days have returned: sore bbs, nauseasness (esp after taking prenatals), lack of appetite but very thirsty. When I checked my cp yestday and today it has been consistantly high-med soft/hard-closed and there is blood but it seems ‘thick’ at cervical os and by the time it reaches the tp its pink with a brown tint..SO WTH??? I have had 2 prev m/cs and was an extreme amt of pain and bled like I had been stabbed or something. Is it possible my original + hpts were wrong? Was I off on my O date? Why the conflicting results on the u/a and bl test? Or is it denial?



    mileysmommy- I guess with every pregnancy there is always some risk involved to mother and baby. I guess already having complications in previous pregnancies, probably means you are more likely to suffer complications again if you do get pregnant. It really is your call, I personally would take the chance and try for another baby. With a great Ob/Gyn you stand a much better chance of having a successful pregnancy and birth. Maybe make an appt with your Ob/Gyn and discuss it with them, at least they will be able to outline all the risks/complications involved to make an educated decision to have another baby. Good luck xxx



    Omg they are dark! Hopefully that’s a good thing!



    @ bensmom – sorry about your m/c welcome to the forum fx you get your sticky bean soon.



    Chart looks good Yorkie 😉 Temps above coverline is always good after ovulation! I would wait until the weekend to test though, I am not seeing a convincing implantation dip yet (not that there has to be one, but that would give a good indication that a test might show an early BFP) Fingers crossed! It’s waiting time now to see if you win the ‘conception lotto!’

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