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    Whitty – the chinese birth calendar has always confused me! The part where you have to add a year to your own age if you were born before or after February always throws me off… Have you looked into shettles method or diet alteraltions to try to improve your chances to conceive a girl?



    not yet chica lol



    Has anyone been prescribed Clomid after telling doctor only that they’ve been trying for a year and their cycles are irregular? Sometimes my cycle is 35 days and sometimes 28 days long. He didn’t do any bloodwork or u/s and he said he’s sure I’m ovulating but the Clomid will help to make the cycles regular so I’ll know exactly when to BD. He did not mention monitoring me while taking the Clomid. I’ve been reading online other’s experiences with Clomid and I see that their doc does u/s and bloodwork so I’m concerned. I had the feeling that he believed he was doing me a favor by skipping all those tests because I am healthy physically and perhaps all of the tests would have come back fine. I think he was trying to tell me that I’m healthy, I’m ovulating but not regularly and Clomid will help me to get pregnant faster b/c I’ll know exactly when I ovulate. BUT—Is it that simple? Should I be worried??



    Ok, I have searched the week by week forums, and she isnt there! Thought she may have snuck out on us!

    What time is it in the states? The suspense is killing me!



    Wondering if any of you ladies out here have ever taken Provera to bring on AF? If so how long after the last pill did it take for her to show? I ask because my last pills were fri. I have had some bad cramps since and no show so far. Not even a trace. Any ideas out there?


    hmm318…we are soul sistes. Something was really off with my Oct AF and wondered if I might have a chemical pg too but nothing was ever confirmed. I also lost my angel at 9 weeks at the end of July. I hope that we can both get pg real soon and go through that together too.



    BFNs for a few ladies today – sorry gals, but hang in there!!! ((hug))



    Hi Tasha, its possible you ovulated very late. Have they offered you a follow up in a week?



    I am with kimkay Whitty, most women ovulate the day of or day after the + OPK and there should be plenty of sperm hanging around. If you can get another BD session in before tomorrow morning, then bonus, but do not sweat it if you cant!



    Brandy there are only q couple of us left out of the original group last month I’ve got our little testing group for nxt week on my comp at home but I’m in work til midnight now so will post names in mornin


    lovemylove – I called her the ‘baby whisperer’ LOL



    boneablaze – Boo On the BFN, Yeah try again then. I got a BNF at 9DPO and BFP at 12DPO this month.





    I used because if you forget to take your temp and take it late it ajusts it to the temp it would have been.

    Is this the same site?



    kimkayb – if your temps took a dive and you have a BFN I’d suggest waiting a few more days to see if AF shows up…sORRY 🙁 If your temps were up for awhile and you’re sure you had implanting bleeding you might have had a chemical pregnancy.

Viewing 15 posts - 8,911 through 8,925 (of 131,346 total)

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