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    Yesterday, but mostly today I’ve experienced some slight cramping on and off today. Hope this is a good thing : / My boobs are starting to hurt, feel better when I massage them (my husband really likes that lol) but they hurt right now and it helps. I did take a nap on my recliner and was sorta on my back and side at the same time, so maybe that’s why they hurt right now.



    Well, dears, i think it may be time for us to part ways. Im sobbing as i type this, but as you all know Ive been on this ttc ride for quite some time now. My doc recommended treatment that is by no means outlandish, but in my current financial situation he may as well have said ivf. I just got done haggling with creditors over medical bills this week and it is going to take a year to pay the debt i already have. Im stuck choosing between trying for the family i want and providing for the family i have.



    so as u all know



    ok ladies news on my front, I have been doing opk’s all neg dh and i have been bding and well today I got the back wash from this mornings bding lol (sorry if TMI)and it had a streak of blood through it but not like period blood so i don’t know this really is one of the weirdest cycle I have ever had. Then last driving and got two lots of dull pain. would have to be pain from my last period right there is no way I o’d without knowing I did. mind is playing tricks on me LOL!!



    Gator did you happen to do an OPK yesterday? I’m guessing no? Did you do any OPK’s back when you were ‘supposed’ to ovulate? I am new with this TTC stuff and I do not to BBT – but from what I understand, your temp rises after ovulation? So I guess as Clara said, you could have ovulated yesterday especially with the one-sided pulling sensation. And could also explain the negative OPK since it’s supposed to be negative after the egg is released. Not sure why it would be so late in your cycle. Have you BD’d the past few days at all? If so I would test in 10 days or so! Otherwise just test again to be sure you aren’t pregnant and keep the faith! And BD today ASAP just in case!



    1sttime – I know what you mean. I got pregnant with the first the first month we tried. I knew I was pregnant right away. This time it’s taking longer and I have a feeling that this isn’t my month



    i have no idea when i ovulated if i even did. i was just waiting on the test to tell me and it never did.



    Amy, im on 50mg iv had 2 rounds I o’d once and didn’t o once. I didn’t take it this month as I was getting bad headaches but if I don’t conceive this month then ill start again + a new med my gyno gave me. My tubes are full of scar tissue my right tube and ovary are completely blocked and don’t work. I hope yours aint blocked.



    Luv – First off, welcome to the site =) We have a pretty great group of ladies here! I can’t say for sure what the ‘best’ way is to track your O, however – I think for the most part, OPK’s are a GREAT help, and pay attention to your CM(the EWCM and watery CM is the best indication that you are about to O and it’s the best CM to have for sperm to swim through). I will post a couple sites on your profile of where you can get OPKs for a decent price. Personally – I find BBT charting just too much to keep track of…I find I obsess enough with my OPKs and every odd thing going on with my body – never mind obsessing over one more thing LOL as far as vitamins and food..just eat as healthy as you can! Try to cut back caffeine if your intake is more than 2 cups a day, and I would most definitely suggest a prenatal vitamin. I know for me, my work schedule doesn’t really allow me to eat when I should, so I often eat on-the-go, but try to eat the best I can at those times, but the vitamins make up for the nutrients I’m missing because of that. Hope this helps!!



    congrats bigbabybump!!



    ….AF has just arrived with fmu for me too 🙁 never mind ladies xxxxx



    Xuxa…if it were me…I’d stop the pill and then start tracking ovulation…good luck…:)



    Hello everyone! I am back after having my sweet daughter 18mos ago. Im now 8dpo and this tww is driving me nuts!! I have been having some def preg signs though. Tender boobies, especially on the sides near my underarms. Anyone else have that? When have some of you ladies tested and got a bfp? I know im too early now, but just wondering. And what types of hpt work the best? 🙂 I hope this is my month!



    1sttimemama it could be, do you know what date you o’d? Becoz from sex and when the cramps started it 8 days so it could be, have you tested?



    Terriann – I thought I recognised your name – I was on here with my two youngest in 2008/09 (gave birth April 4th ’09) and then in 2009/10 (gave birth May 13th ’10) – don’t think our kids are too far off in terms of age! :] In fact, you’d’ve been in my week in 2010 as I was actually due May 24th – unless you went early/overdue? I had a c-section early with my daughter for medical reasons…

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