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    omg yeah how wierd i didnt even think of that if i got pregnant this cycle my other baby would be born in july and my sons bday is in august. haha thats kinda cool.



    Loraclacey it could be ovulation spotting then so maybe af will arrive in 2 weeks for ya if not a bfp xxx



    any number of reasons Alicia – longer luteal phase, late implantation, slow to rise hCG, or we might have been off on O day… I’m pretty sure you ovulated though especially looking at your past 8 temps.



    Caniacmom yes we both are so funny with each other. When out together people giggle at us. I get fired daily hehe and I negotiate my rehire lol . Funny thing when talking to my tummy he says water should be warm so hang out and play and race to be the first to get to the beach ball. I try and so does he to make this fun even when it is so planned and hard on me. He is (even being a man) good when I’m so hurt when af shows up.. Well I hope we all get to move to weekly s al the same time


    two days after i should but dont worry im going through cheap HPT like they sweets hahaha I think wait untilllllllllll Saturday ish just to make sure



    Lora you are too sweet. But I will have to say making baby isn’t as much fun as practicing (got to bd now, do this way, stay in, don’t move, honey hold feet up and shove pillow under my hips, hey No Hanging me upside down Brat and No making jokes and making me laugh then your swimmers want to go to the light and see whats going on) So af can stay away for a few days atleast but I did fire her and said she can’t come back for 9months. So maybe for once she will kind of listen 😉 Plus If I ever get to move on before you I will come back to check on everyone and leave a few comments LOL



    So I am thinking…if we all BD every other day, one of those little suckers is bound to penetrate and fertilize our eggs! This is my plan. Good luck to all and lots of baby dust. I am very optimisitc about this plan:)



    Duffy, your OPK looks positive to me. Time to get busy! Alohamom, my doctor recommended every other day as well. She said every day can be too exhausting to keep up. From what I’ve read, every day BDing has a slightly higher success rate than every other day, but not by much. It also depends on your hubby’s sperm count. Those with a low count benefit from building up their supply. AFM, never did get a true positive OPK this month. Thinking my surge was very short lived and I missed it. Guessing that I ovulated yesterday as my belly was bloated today (although not as bloated as the last two months). One nice thing about all the testing and monitoring I’m going to do next month is that the doctors will be tracking exactly what is happening with my cycle.



    Hi there, good thanks and you? how are you going with your cycle?



    Ok Ladies my DH thought I was so funny he laugh for a bit LOL then Had to tell his best friend that I was going to handcuff him If he didn’t help. OMG we laugh so hard hehehehe. I really thought OMG my DH is going to Pee the bed laughing. Oh I forgot to tell you that at the last minute I open and wrote on turkey Baster (Swimmers Amusement Ride The Shooter)



    what is the best early hpt ? ( im in australia)



    Michigan is a popular place on here. I live just outside of Petoskey. I have been taking tests since Monday and all negative. This morning I took another and I could hardly believe it but it was BFP! So excited but super nervous as my last pregnancy ended in a loss. AF was due to show up in 2 days.



    @ sweetie2320 -> I did test a few days ago and got a BFN. I used the O calendar on the side here and since my AF is so irreg I did it with a 28, 35, and 40 day cycle. I did this before bding too just to get an idea of what the windows might be. So I made sure we bd every other day from CD10-24 and that covered all the fertil days. So since I bought a 2 pk test (and they are good for 4 days before AF is due) I tried one for the early CD and now I will save the last for the latest CD. So I will test again Mar 21. OMG so far I can’t think that I am because seeing the BFN kill me but I don’t want to hex myself either so I am trying not to think about it at all. It’s hard, and I try to chalk what my body is feeling up to something else. I know if it didn’t work this time I will have next month to try.



    Good luck to those about to test. 🙂



    hey ladies! faint BFP for me this morning!! so excited 🙂 showed hubby and he said, ‘looks like a plus to me.’ here’s to hoping i scored a pink super sticky bean 🙂

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