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    12 days late. I tested this morning again and bfn. I have another dr appt on Monday. Hopefully some answers.



    Ladies I have a dilemma! So back in December I missed my period. It was a month late and ended up coming on Dec. 27th. My previous period was Nov. 1. I had all of the symptoms that my friend had who had found out she was PG 3 weeks after. My period for Dec and Jan both came on the 27th, and they started out as old blood. My boobs have been sore lately (IDK for how long, but MOST DEFINITELY longer than normal). Just a bit ago I was looking at my belly…I know I’m much thicker now than I used to be, and I also still have my baby bump (front butt) from my first pregnancy. But it just seems that my belly is bigger and rounder. I DO know FOR A FACT that it is common in my family to have periods for the first several months during pregnancy, and that it is also common to get negative tests even though they are in fact PG. Should I be worrying about my habits and whether or not I actually am PG, or am I just overreacting? I’m not expecting AF until around the 27th and I feel no need to test…



    I’m yelling at my hpt the way I yell at my dog, ‘bad test, bad test!’ Yesterday I got a suuper faint 2nd line & this morning its fainter. :/ I’m not sure what to quit make of it.


    I don’t see it…maybe it’s a glitch?



    lol faith enjoy you tube its where iv been spending my days. i added one video so far, look me up nicole liddle of my cat having her morning bottle (note my voice lol)



    hi Ladies!! I am after some brain picking lol. Basically, this is my first month off the pill and I have been using OPKs since CD9. However, it is now CD 20 and I STILL don’t appear to have O’d. I haven’t even had a faint positive on them or so much as an evaporation line either.
    Do you think that I might not O at all this month or that I O’d early?



    Livanddomsmom – if you are concerned by it, it might be time to go a see you dr and find out what is going on?



    anyone hear from Justine yet??? I am so curious



    NixSa: Im sorry… I hope you get it and if not i guess youll be in for this cycle with me 🙂



    ((HUG)) Amalthea – I am so sorry to hear about your loss hun. Lets both get our sticky BFPs soon! Lets all get sticky BFPs soon!!


    hey chilling at cd4 and finally the wicked witch is flying away on her broom stick (sorry tmi). in 4 more days back to the opks. just checkin in



    LoL I know you will this this month was a bit rough I needed a lot of walking through. Ever harder with out Chas 🙁 Hopefully she will be up and running in 3 days



    Nixsa I too have been thinkingnof lilpigz. I will message to her on here.


    hun~ I would start using the OPKs on the 10th or 11th, since your ovulation can vary, pee on the stick every afternoon or evening but don’t drink alot of fluids prior to testing. When the test line is as dark or darker than the control line, you are ovulating. Baby dance for the next 2-3 days, and wait to test!


    and nixsa my ttc buddy please email me. i want to know how everthing goes for u.

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