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    @ beach so sorry for your loss 🙁



    My temp is back up (36.93)..not sure if I wanna test today at 12dpp. I’m thinking I will just hold off until maybe Tuesday as I believe af should come on Sunday or Monday. I spent all day yesterday painting my daughters new room and getting it ready for her, so that our third bedroom could be cleared out and ready for baby #2 (if my body ever let’s me). Kinda sucked even more knowing I keep getting bfn’s….



    hey ladies havent been on for a coulple of days, so doc says i had wat was a failed attemt at an implantation bleed so my cycles a big out duno were iam at so will just moniter my c/m. she sent me for some bloods and has told me to loose 5 kilos cause thats wat i put on in 3months after i miscarriaged and well said that if iam not pregs in 3 months to go back and wil try some interferrinf lol as i like to put it i think she said somthing bout clomid so iam of now tro investigate clomid some more . hope al is well and there is some bfp b4 xmas



    Xo- just noticed you replied to my last message, so now I understand why your mad. Guess I should scroll all the way through before commenting… Is this what happened at cd 16 with the +OPK? But no o?



    Well, I am off for a little while! I am making a cake for my friends baby shower! She is due in three weeks, and does not know if baby is a boy or a girl, so the cake I am going to do is a ‘sweet pea’ theme. Will add pics later once done. =)



    So I just checked my last cycle, on cd15 bbt was 36.23, cd16 bbt was 36.71, miss cd 17 but cd18 bbt was 36.77, cd 19 bbt was 36.80…



    Kayce – chart looks fab – here’s hoping your ferning and OPK back it all up!!!


    DM- Are these full size expensive ultrasound machines? LOL. Because if not, I’m hooked! I’m cramping still too, 8 DPO today. I think the clomid is giving me some false hope though sadly.



    really I will just have to go there some time today and look thanks. Also would a Dollar General have them cheap.



    Sher- as for cervix positioning. I couldn’t tell you where the cervix is but I did find my g spot… Lol… That was the two days dh and I didn’t bd bc obv I’d taken care of things myself. Lol



    which brand is that kayce? yup still positive! how many dpo are you? thanks for responding samantha–yeah it was a rough childhood to say the least! but one, my dad NEVER beat the shit out of me like she exaggerates. yes he spanked us. yes we deserved it. but nothing like child abuse! sheesh. what happened with m y bro, well it hasn’t been forgotten or really forgiven either. but we just moved past it. took a few years of us not talking at all. but now he is in iraq and i have a whole new respect for him. plus he has helped me out a lot when i need it. maybe he feels he needs to, in order to makeup for what he did, who knows. but im changing my #, i want nothing to do with my mom or sister!


    Hi girls. Seens as we’re sharing hints and tips, I too started taking folic acid when we decided to start trying and take this up to 12wks. I used OPKs – me and hubby BD when I got my positive and we only BD twice. I got my positive OPK on the saturday, sunday and monday and we BD on the sunday and monday…this was my first month monitering with the OPKs and i’m now 4 and a half wks. My second pregnancy I used OPKs aswell but that time I used Clearblue and there was no guessing with the colour of the lines. If this month hadnt been successful I would have bought Clearblue again- expensive but worth it!. I think sometimes TTC can put alot of pressure on u with charting and monitering and temping and this can work against TTC. My advice – buy some OPKs and if u can afford it get Clearblue ones as they r mega accurate. That way u arnt worrying what ur temp is, if the lines darker etc and it makes it much more plesant taking pressure off hubby too. Good luck girls fingers crossed for some BFPs!!!! Xx



    wheres the pic samantha?



    Chrissy- It sucks. I was happy to find out my last pregnancy happened when we weren’t expecting it. Not having to deal with timing bd and then not worrying in the tww was great. Not looking forward to having to try again.



    Dumb Question! My husband and I want to get Pregnant so I am on here reading and can not understand the Lingo. I was here 2 1/2 yrs ago when I was pregnant and we did not have all this BDP stuff. Is there a list of abbreviation on here? Thank you Ladies!!

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