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    Congrates Stacie77 & Gatornay nice to see some BFP this month. Thanks goingfor3 nice to know someone is in the same boat. It’s hard because I want to be pregnant but unfortunately can’t do it on my own. Or can I??? LOL no I can’t!!! LOL Baby dust to you all girls good luck!



    Mommy2b25-I was like that last month. )Last month was our 3rd month TTC as well.) It gets better b/c you start to learn when to BD and for how many days it helps things out! Well, for me it did! 🙂 Dont feel hopeless!!



    Welcome back @Mari1215! Sorry to hear, was it like that with your first two? I know it can be frustrating, we were TTC for 8 months before we got baby #1. Really hoping it’s not going to take that long every time since we want 3! Sending lots of sticky dust your way!



    I agree!!!! bring on the BFPs!!! I must admit, I know I havent been trying as long as some people but I am REALLY getting fed up with waiting. I think I will review the whole situation if I am not pg by he end of January. Maybe temporarily put TTC on hold. Not sure.



    Ahhh I’m so sorry mommyx2. I know it doesn’t make you feel better, but maybe he’ll come around with some time???



    My little guy was born just after yours…24th March! Yeah life is busy with my little ones but a big family comes with many helping hands:)) and the day will come when there are no more shoe laces to tie and grubby faces to wipe! I just enjoy each day as it comesŸ˜‰
    I’m not really actively trying but not preventing either! Today i haven’t seen my monthly come so I had just two days of very slight spotting! I would be pretty shocked if I got a bfp in a weeks time!
    Oh boy, do you remember how tired we all were at the end of our pregnancies?! Back aches, sore hips, no sleep! haha



    Thanks Kristin!! Congrats Lucky, and a very merry christmas to you and your little one and the lucky daddy!!!



    738 days for me diane!! im sure i was lurking way before i had an account too LOL wow 🙁


    I am expecting AF in 4 days. I am so anxious LOL!!! so I tested today and got a BFN!!! Now I am devestated!! My DH and I have been TTC for about 4 months now. Why is TTC so hard!!!!



    8DPO here – watery CM last night and LOADS of it!!! Still not testing before Tuesday and may try to hold off till Thursday. Wannab – I have added you to my BFP good vibes list!!!



    ok i just added a new pic that is alot better to see



    Wannb, let the wine coolers flow when AF flows 😉 You’re never out for the cycle until she arrives in full force!



    sounds like there is quite a few of us in melbourne would be awesome if we all got bfp this month



    Mama-Luna, DH and I BD whenever we feel like it, but around my fertile days we’ll try to time it to the day before and the day of ovulation. I know no matter what we do the chances are 50/50, but I’m trying to do what I can to increase our chances for a boy.. if we don’t get one this time we’ll just try again and be super happy with our daughter’s little sister! If we weren’t trying for a boy, we’d BD every other day leading up to ovulation for 4 or 5 days and then the day of ovulation…and maybe the day after, for good measure. 😉



    Mommy of 4 n TTC – sorry for all the pages to catch up on. I have been nagging away all day!! hehe Sorry AF turned up 🙁 booooooooooooo!!! good luck with your plan for BDing x hopefully you will get a great christmas present x I am going onto your page to look at your fur babies!

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