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    Lol thanks diane you always come threw with the anwsers. We have four horse so not riding is pretty inavodible (sp?) i just uploaded a picture of my husbands mares new baby.



    I would definitely get the prenatal. It never hurts to be prepared.



    mrssmith- i would just keep track of this period and how long your cycle was, and maybe the next one just to see where you are in case your body through you in for a loop and gave you a new cycle to work with for a while and try going off of that…opk’s work really well for a lot of people too if you want to try using those as well if you are having trouble keeping track of your cycles…good luck and god bless!! and thanks for the advice i am going to try testing in a couple of days if my period doesnt come



    Irisheyes – thanks sweetie, yes next cycle well try and try again!!! LOL unless you are PG. I think i’m under way too much stress.



    Good morning everybody! I had a dream last night that I was pregnant, and I took a test this morning and it’s true! 🙂 AF’s not even due until Friday, and I’d gotten faint lines on my little dollar store tests the last 2 days but thought that they might just be evaporation lines, but…. 🙂



    MYA- I felt my first baby move around week 16, and my second around week 15.



    i think i may be upset if its negative and that scares me a bit.


    Mrs L- that is wonderful news. Af not here yet but not expected until sunday. I have managed not to test. I cant believe it. Well I had spotting brown -red with bd last night. This am slight brown on tissue but now gone. I think she is on her way. No cramps today. I was sure it would have started yesterday. I will test if no af on sunday. I said I would do it today but not yet now.



    AF due in 2 days. I have always had irregular spotting throughout my cycle. Had a curette before last AF and despite gyno saying AF might be late, she still came on time. This cycle have had no spotting ( sorry TMI) at all and also have stopped taking the pill. What are my chances of being PG?



    MrsL- I wish I had half your will power…..i am probably going to test tomorrow and I will only be 10 dpo!! even tho I know there is a very slim chance it would be BFP, there is still a little chance so I am going to go for it!!!



    I’d be interested ot see if the blockage is still there or if it’s gone now. Hmm…wish he could go for another dye test. Although that junk he had to drink was horrible he said!


    well crap sorry but i just took a test n a big fat lonely neg!!! Uhg!!!! I am crampn really bad though so we shall c what happens…..wait wait wait im tired of waitn but man i need a big o cup of warm zen to soothe me!!!! COME ON BFP’S!!!!!!!



    kristin:armywife07 – I’ve noticed in my friends and family that for some odd reason ‘Morning’ sickness hits harder after your first child. My friends doctor said it has to do with your body be stretched {shrug}. Ha-ha, and I want to get pregnant again…chasing after a toddler while dealing with being sick, sounds like fun ;0)


    Hi ladies… so I’m trying for my number 4~~ I have 3 boys and am trying for a girl! I am trying to track my ovulation but am having a ilttle trouble. I usually have normal peiods every 29-31 days.. and got an ovulation testing kit so that I could try and have sex a couple days before I ovulate… but the test kit (first responce) is showing a result that looks like I’ve been ovulating for 3 days straight…lol.. unless I’m just a freak of nature I don’t think this is happening~ Has anyone used this kind of kit?? I keep getting two dark lines (the test line and the LH surge result line) I started testing 3 days ago..which would be my day 11 and I thought I just got lucky and happened to catch the exact day I ovulated… but have taken 2 more tests and they look exctly the same?? hmm?? I’m very confused.. anyone have a similar issue?? I don’t want to just try without knowing when I ovulate because I got pregnant with all 3 of my boys with one shot each.. It’s really hard!! 🙂



    bnl – Docs prescribe progesterone if a progesterone screening was done and levels were found to be low or if a woman has history of miscarriage. Usually progesterone levels aren’t checked with a standard beta blood test, only if you have gone through fertility treatment or are known to have abnormal hormone levels. Progesterone helps a woman to maintain a pregnancy. Low levels are known to be linked to higher incidence of miscarriage.

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