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    CD 41 – blech!



    Well I am going to take another hpt in the morning just to see whats up. If its a BFN then we are just going to ressume life until AF ever shows again I guess. Today one of my friends said she puts Katchup on corn and it is taking everything in me not to vomit at the thought. My eyes are watering I am holding it in so bad. And I still cannot stomach the sea food. And my dh wants shrimp for dinner boo! Crossing my fingers for a BFP tomorrow!!!



    Good afternoon ladies! Congrats to the BFPs i missed 🙂 10dpo today and im FREAKIN OUT lol tryna hold out til friday to test ahhhh!



    i know ryders, thats why im so worried………i hope its not AF but have a feelin she may make an appearance 🙁


    lia how many dpo are you?


    Emma…who’s nancy? What happened?



    Hi ladies. I’m back….I laid down for a bit/the cramps got seriously bad…I was on the couch moaning in pain. They have subsided most of the way but are still there. Def not as bad now. I hope that does not happen again. Scary.



    Morning ladies! FF confirmed my O today which I expected as much. However, I this morning with a sore throat and clogged sinuses. I was wondering if that would effect getting preggo. Do you ladies know? My DH says it won’t matter as long as I don’t get a fever. Is it okay to still take medicine like sudafed? What do you guys think?


    Lol mummy i was gonna come and rescue u from down the toilet


    question for you ladies who check your cervix position-if you are on CD 26 and 11DPO what is the ‘normal’ position of your cervix? If you are just recently pregnant what should it be like? Just curious 🙂



    did anyone see my previos post?



    @jun2103- where did you get your hpt from? I have some that look like that I got them from ebay from china


    gah… i did not get an email from my husband last night… ugh, this is killing me…. sorry i know, off the subject… just needed to get it out… i just want him home now, and safe so that we can ttc again….



    meant to say newmama, was lookin through ur weddin pics on fb, they are GORGEOUS!!! looks like u had an amazing day 🙂



    sarahchihuahua – Okay, I just feel bad now because I just asked DH to bding every other day and I still show negative is almost like turning on a light but without the bulb you know what I mean.

Viewing 15 posts - 89,581 through 89,595 (of 131,346 total)

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