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    Ok, does anyone feel like they did WAY more BDing before they were trying to AVOID getting pregnant, and now that you’re settled down and actually TRYING to conceive DH falls asleep or is too tired when you actually really NEED to BD? Agh!! I’m sure we missed the egg last month bc DH was too tired the night we should have….mind you we were in the middle of a move, and working crazy long hours at work to juggle everything.

    Here I go for an April baby, and I’ve updated his bb calander with BD appointments from July3 – 14th (because my cycle could be anywhere from 30 to 37 days…) Perhaps after the Canada day fireworks well have some of our own!



    Happy reading and good luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you! 🙂 Sticky baby dust!!



    tylers mommy – Conception happens around 72 hours after intercourse. It then then travels to the womb and it implants between 6-10 days after ovulation. You can get a + on a test from 10 days past ovulation (dpo) but some people dont get a positive until their missed period. GL!


    Congrats meghan!!! Boyoboy….its good to have you back this month!!!



    I’m still here, CD 36 and still no AF. DH said yesterday ‘shouldn’t you be bleeding yet?’ LOL Men!!! I haven’t tested for 2 days, but I don’t have any HPT’s in the house, so that helps.



    good evening ladies!



    Yeah Jenn80 BIG congratulations xx



    sorry to hear that eeyore…that has happened to me for the past 5 mos lol


    alicia..yes ,that is the one..and she claimed to sing it to her DH ‘s private parts.. I am sure that person is lurking..They follow the same MO..military/CIA( that was new-but I think the person thought-no one will question a CIA person)/always claims a 4 year old daughter,so that much seems to be truth,has a dog,always claims (after a while)to be pregnant with twins..It usually takes like 4-6 weeks for the whole ruse to explode and hurt people..About 2 yrs ago I was pregnant with Sophia when I made a friend with someone here who turned out to be fake..It really hurt me and made me feel dumb..Thats why I said something today..



    Hey Sarah! I am doing really good.. just going with the flow of life lol.. been keeping myself busy getting in better shape- DH & I have been working out so we can look good on the beach for our 1st wedding anniversary next month 🙂



    Ok so I just looked a little harder on FF and I am 3dpo cd17 like I thought! :o)



    boyoboy – I have heard of ‘natural’ ways to induce it but bear in mind they seem far fetched but some people swear by it.Some include:LOTS of Vitamin C, Sticking your feet in HOOOOOOT water, parsley tea. But I have heard that it can be dangerous to induce your period. I don’t know have you called your doc? Maybe he/she has a better idea…lol:)



    bankerchic- I think it can very well be a symptom. I have had horrible cramping and backache since yesterday, the day AFTER my pos. OPK. turned to neg. So I know it is related to me Oing, but never had it before now….mom2ryder- I have gotten pg after a change in a cycle before too. This month I O’d 2 days early, totally out of the norm for me, so hoping it’s for the good, for both of us:-)….damnkat – I read your blog too. Bittersweet results nonetheless. I know many many women who have pcos and have multiple children, my sil being one who conceived her 3 without any intervention. Took her a bit, but it happened. FX this is your month too:-)



    this month is going by slow but i would love to have that april baby…i am taking my last dose of soy tonight i feel like a drug abuser because i have to take five pills to get the 200 mg lol.



    Ok girls, I am sooo anxious. With our son (2.5) we got pregnant first try. We are on the first month TTC our 2nd. I started my period on July 7th. We BD the 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 21st and 22nd. (I know it’s a lot, but we were both off work for the week…and on vacation 😉 I am on a 29 day cycle. My CM was very egg whiteish (thin, clear, stringy) since the 15th.(sorry if tmi) I have been having stomach cramps for 3 -4 days, and get sick to my stomach through out the day. Tired. I feel very bloated. What do you girls think? I don’t know why I’m so anxious….I know I have to wait a little bit longer before testing…..but it’s so hard. Advice? Thoughts? Thank you ladies….baby dust to you all TTC!!!

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