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    Just saw my doctor today for my follow up appointment after my miscarriage. He says I have to wait three months to get pregnant again. I refuse to go back on the pill so I guess it’s you know what’s for me and the hubby for a while. Ugh.



    flybear- good luck. My cycles returned within a few weeks of stopping bf’ing.



    i posted a pic of my bfp



    Hey sher-baby that’s great I will message you over the weekend! When pregnant with my first my daughter, the weeklies were really slow but I had a great group in the weeklies with my son!! We’ll keep you company I don’t seem to be getting anywhere at the moment!



    Thanks RainbowRach. Im sure Clylover will be happy, just thought I sounded a bit tactless. My best friend suffered a miscarriage recently and Im already a bit nervous about upsetting her. She has already said maybe we could be pregnant together this time so I know she will be happy for me but I also know that on the inside she will be hurting. Im praying she gets her BFP soon. Gotta dash I have the school run in a minute and Im still in my PJs.
    Thanks again. I always read this page and try all the tips the ladies on here give out and Im sure thats what did it for me. x



    Thanks HeatherT1029!!!! i have been working on that … your right let me keep a positive outlook ….but man this process sucks .. i thought it would be easy … sad face …



    So sorry Sarah, there are truly no words. Prayers for comfort for you and your husband.



    I found that because AF symptoms are so similar to pg symptoms, I would always look for weird ones, with my first I had very dry sore eyes and bleeding gums and with this one it was the sensitive teeth.



    Another question… I quite smoking last week totally all together quite and wanting to know any information you ladies might have on how that will improve my fertility. Im 24 and my husband is 23. Im actually trying any natural methods to help me improve…



    I do remember the back ache…oh and the pelvic pain! I could of swarn my pelvis was gonna snap in 2!!! The pain from the SPD was unreal! I do kind of miss my baby bump tho! I still unforfunetally have a ‘belly’ it’s just not a baby bump! Lol…ugh! DH and I have been dealing with a lot of ‘bay mama drama’ lately so im sure DH would prefer not to TTC! I’m ok with that but I’m still undecided if im done Forsure…I’m feeling like 50/50…



    Good morning ladies, I hope you are all well today. I am gutted, because of the time zone I am in, I miss all the good chatting that goes on 🙂 I am ok with talking to myself!! haha So I am on CD25/30 today. This time last month I had already taken 2 HPTs!! haha I went to the shops this morning at 6am after dropping DH to the train and I picked up 2 x clearblue digital which also have a window that tells you when you conceived! how cool is that? All I need now is for the result to be BFP!! I think I will try the first one tomorrow morning x x Rach x x



    Hey ladies! Has anyone tried using Pre-Seed?? And had success??? Thanks 😀



    bkttc…I dont know…..Its funny how people who dont want a baby get it real quick!


    Ok so my friend just called and said she’s got my HCG running…..she’ll call me back in about 20 minutes or so.



    ok i just added a new pic that is alot better to see

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