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    need2, that sounds great! The tech usually does not say much, but if she said things look good, I doubt she found your ovaries full of cysts! Sounds spot on to me! Four developing follicles in each ovary is also lovely! Usually one or two follicles become dominant between the two ovaries and ovulate with the LH surge, the others ‘fade away’ and don’t release an egg. Nabothian cysts are harmless and usually disappear on their own – just like a blister on the cervix that got filled with CM. They usually drain before the cycle ends.



    thats awesome techniquely it is going to be yallambie but everytime I say that everyone is like where? LOL thats heaps close.


    What is 2WW?

    #6773167 need to apologize, I love reading the pages. It’s always nice when there is a conversation going. By the way, talked to the gentleman who interviewed me last Friday and he says he definitely wants to hire me, just has to get permission from corporate office for all full time employees. He said if I could hold on until Monday, he should have his answer.



    LOL whitty thats Exactly what i do! i hope im not making things up in my mind but i have had SO many early prey symptoms, i was really thinking i was crazy last night until i read that women CAN have morning sickness before a positive test. I NEVER get nauseated and every night for the past 3 nights ive been sick as hell. i havent vomited but i have a crazy tough stomach, i never had any sickness with my daughter. i was REALLY hoping for a bfp today i know they are going to make me move some couches tonight =-(



    Cleo- are feeling very tired? cuz that is the biggest sign I had last time, I would come home from work and sleep at 6pm without eating dinner and get up the next morning! Im not tired like that, but then again Im not working so who knows!



    bang, bang! Photobucket



    CONGRATS to the 2 new bfp today!!! I will be testing again tomorrow..wish me luck!!!!



    OKAY Ladies i really really need HELP !! okay . went to my obgyn …2 days ago and i explain to her that from ovualation kits i have learned that i OVULATE LATE IN MY CYCLE . she then told me well if u ovulate late then your period should come later then usual to.. which i am aware of .. well i ovulated feb 4 , which means my period should not have came on untill like the 15 or the 16 .. however yesterday i started spotting .. which is odd for me ..( cuz i never have ) and now today it a little more but still not as heavy as my period normally is ..could this be implantation bleeding as me and my hubby bd right at ovulation time.. is is my body complaetely all screwed up .. i have cried alllllll night … and today thinking that this is my af and something is wrong cuz if i O LATE MY AF SHOULD NOT BE HERE YET .. anyone please help …i think i al losing it … thank you …



    I think u could have lc! And cd 14 was an implantation dip? Maybe im hopeing to much that that’s what’s happened with me haha and its only the 1st month after ur m/c maybe ur fertile always and don’t show that ur ovulating? .. Yeh I read about that fallen, I mean for ur pregnancy to see how far along u are etc.



    i started chlomid the end of last month and i hope it works. I go in wednesday for blood work to see if i could be pregnant. cross your fingers for me!


    I am just reading about EWCM- I knew nothing about how this related to ovulation! We did BD a week ago sunday and then EWCM was on mon and tues- so the chances might be low. I am to test on the 28th or 29th of this month- it feels ages away. Well if nothing else at least I have learned more about ovulation.



    i started spotting a little today. is this considered the first day of my period or do i have to wait for a flow



    theres a pic of it on my page. I am going to miss it.


    tick tock tick tock…..the wait is on for me. I’ll be testing somewhere around the 3rd. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to my missed period. I will try though. Happy BD’ing to those who are at that stage. Good luck to the testers!! To those that are on their TWW with me, may the days be short!!! Baby dust to all 🙂

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